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[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 MTK to write IMEI to Mediatek devices

[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 MTK to write IMEI to Mediatek devices

18-02-2018, 03:15 AM

This guide will explain how to write IMEI, Bluetooth or WiFi / MAC address to a Mediatek (MTK) Android device [Smartphone / Smartwatch] using Infinity Chinese Miracle II (CM2) MTK module. You can find other methods at our Mediatek null IMEI fix thread . If you have Unknown Baseband (see this guide for how to check) then ensure to resolve it first by reflashing the firmware.


Steps to write IMEI, Bluetooth or WiFi / MAC address to Mediatek (MTK) using Infinity CM2

Follow the steps below to use Infinity CM2 to write IMEI, Bluetooth or WiFi / MAC address to Mediatek

See the video tutorial below or at https://youtu.be/YauX5e4d16g

  1. Launch CM2MTK

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-1.jpg]

  2. Select the device's chipset under Settings > CPU (refer to https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-13054.html )

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-2.jpg]

  3. Click the Security tab

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-3.jpg]

  4. Depending on what you wish to write, tick the appropriate box(es) under Security / IMEI and enter the IMEI(s) / address(es) you intend to write

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-4.jpg]

  5. Under Repair Mode, select CM2 Permanent

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-5.jpg]

  6. Click Write Security

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-6.jpg]

  7. Once the tool shows Wait for phone..., power off the Mediatek device (with battery inserted and not holding any button) and connect to the PC via a USB cord

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-7.jpg]

  8. The device should get detected, do not interrupt the process

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-8.jpg]

  9. You should get a done message once the IMEI / WiFi or MAC / Bluetooth address has been successfully written

    [Image: How-to-write-IMEI-to-a-Mediatek-Android-...-MTK-9.jpg]

  10. Disconnect the device and power up to confirm

Important Notice
  • Infinity CM2 ideally requires a hardware dongle to work. Merely installing and running the setup won't work
  • If you are using a loader version (no hardware required) then your antivirus might block it. Its up to you to either heed or allow the software to run anyway
  • This tool only writes IMEI you supply (and verifies at most). It doesn't auto-generate IMEI
  • This guide only explains how to write IMEI not change IMEI; meaning you are entirely responsible for whatever IMEI you choose to write
  • Ensure to resolve unknown baseband before going on to fix null IMEI else the process will fail

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to write IMEI to a Mediatek Android device using Infinity box CM2 MTK. First off, you need to have and setup the activated hardware dongle. We have a guide for that. You need to have installed the CM2 MTK module and VCOM drivers. That is to ensure the PC can communicate with your device. We have a guide on how to do that. Check out our Forum & YouTube channel. You need to have the IMEI you intend to write and the MTK device you intend to write IMEI to.

You need to enable the IMEI write menu in Infinity CM2 MTK. By default, the IMEI write menu is disabled. That is because it is in UK mode by default. You have to disable UK mode. We have a guide for that. Once you've done all these and have the dashboard up like I do, select your phone's chipset. We have a guide on how to identify your phone's chipset. [selecting my chipset] then click the Security tab. Under the security tab, you're going to have the Security / IMEi option.You can write whatever IMEI WiFi or Bluetooth address you intend to write.

I'm focusing on IMEI and will be writing just one IMEI. I tick this box. Now, an IMEI consists of 15 digits but you're going to copy just the first 14. Leave out the 15th because this tool is going to automatically calculate the 15th. Type out the first 14 & set this to CM2: Permanent. Once that is done, you click on Write Security. You hold on for the tool to show Wait for phone... Now, power off the device, still with battery inside and don't hold any button OK? Connect it to the PC via USB cord.

Wait while the tool writes IMEI. [writing IMEI]. Great! IMEI is written. Disconnect and power up then check your IMEI to confirm if it has been successfully written to your Mediatek device. That's basically how to write IMEI to a Mediatek Android device using Chinese Miracle II MTK module.
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