Free Hovatek T-Shirts; we would like to know your size!

Its free Hovatek T-Shirts time again! Back in May 2016, we announced that we would start giving away free Hovatek T-Shirts . Our first set of winners came a month later and other members began getting our 2-in-1 Pen (Pen + Stylus for touch screen devices). We’re happy to announce that we’ll soon be giving away some Hovatek T-Shirts but first, we would like to know your T-Shirt size.

Black Hovatek V-Neck T-Shirt

How do I know my Hovatek T-Shirt size?

Its important your Hovatek T-Shirt is a perfect fit so this table below will help you identify your size. Feel free to post your T-Shirt size as a comment below; you never know if you’ll win one this time.

Size Cross Shoulder (cm) Chest Width(cm) Body Length(cm) Sleeve Length(cm)
XS 38 84 61 17
S 46 92 64 18
M 47 102 68 19
L 48 106 72 20
XL 52 116 76 21
XXL 56 123 83 22

How do I take these measurements myself?

If you can get a tape rule then the image below should guide you. Else, visit your local tailor.

How to take Hovatek T-Shirt measurements

How do I know when the giveaway will start so I don’t miss a chance to win?

Simply keep an eye on the Hovatek Blog

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