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How to flash Mediatek using NCK Pro

Post: 1 by hovatek

This guide will explain how to flash the firmware of a Mediatek (MTK) Android device (in scatter format) using the NCK Pro MTK Module.


Steps to flash a Mediatek Android device's firmware (scatter) using NCK Pro Box

Follow the steps below to use NCK Pro Box to flash a Mediatek device's firmware

See the video tutorial below or at

  1. Launch NCK Pro Box MTK Module

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-1.webp]

  2. Under Main > Phone setting,  select your phone's chipset

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-2.webp]

  3. Under Flash Scenario, select how you wish to flash from the dropdown. You can leave it on Safe Flash if you don't know what to select

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-3.webp]

  4. Tick or untick "Reboot after Flash" depending on what you want (leave default if not sure)

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-4.webp]

  5. Click Open scat file

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-5.webp]

  6. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location of the firmware, highlight the scatter file and click Open

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-6.webp]

  7. The firmware's details should be displayed

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-7.webp]

  8. Click Flash Firmware

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-8.webp]

  9. Click OK once prompted

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...Box-9.webp]

  10. Once you see Please insert the USB cable now..., power off the phone (still with the battery in), don't hold any button then connect to the box via a USB cable

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...ox-10.webp]

  11. The phone should be detected

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...ox-11.webp]

  12. NCK Pro box should start flashing the firmware, DO NOT interrupt

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...ox-12.webp]

  13. You should get a Done message once flashing is completed

    [Image: How-to-flash-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-f...ox-13.webp]

  14. Disconnect and boot up the device

Important Notice
  • NCK Pro box requires a hardware box in order to work so only installing and running the setup will not work
  • If you decide to use a loader version (no box required) then you are entirely responsible for still allowing it to run should you get a virus warning from your antivirus
  • If you can, ensure to backup your firmware before flashing just in case the firmware you flash bricks your device
  • It's advised that you only flash firmware for your model and build to avoid bricking or running into incompatibility errors
  • This procedure is for flashing scatter format firmware. For .bin format firmware, you'll need to head to a different tab in the tool

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to flash a Mediatek Android phone's firmware using the NCK Pro box Android MTK module. First off, You need to have the hardware box and need to have set it up. We have a guide for that. You also need to have installed Your Mediatek USB VCOM drivers. We have a guide for that also.

You need to have the firmware which you intend to flash whether scatter or bin format. For this tutorial, I'm going to be flashing in scatter format. You also need to have downloaded the NCK box MTK module and installed it. Of course, you need to have the Android phone (the MTK phone) which You intend to flash. Now, once you have all these in place, the next thing You'll want to do is to run this module as Administrator.

The reason why You're running as Administrator is because You're very likely to run into permission issues during backup or flash so it's best You just run as Administrator so you don't have to repeat the process all over. So I'm waiting for the dashboard to come up Alright! Awesome! I have the dashboard up. Now, for flashing you have two options

You can flash in scatter format under the Main tab or You can flash in bin format under this tab. I'm flashing in scatter format so I'll just come right here. Now, under the Phone setting, what You'll want to do is to leave this first option as 0 by CPU and then for the second drop-down, You select Your phone's chipset. If You don't know how to find out Your phone's chipset, We have a guide on how to do that so make sure you see the guide.

Mine is 6580 so I'll select that from this drop-down. Now, heading over to the flash scenario, You can select what flash options You want. For this guide, I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary so I think I'll just go with the Safe Flash (nothing mega). Under here, You can decide to tick or untick reboot after flash. I'll just leave the default options.

Now, the next thing You'll want to do is under Your Firmware Settings. You can decide to enable version check, checksum and other stuff but You can just leave all those unchecked. They are quite optional for You at this point. Now, what You'll want to do next is to load your firmware which is by selecting the scatter file So You click on Open Scat file. Now, in this Window that pops up, navigate to the location where You have Your firmware.

Mine is here and You select the scatter file and then You click Open Alright! Phone details are displayed as You have here. So now it's time to flash. So what You'll want to do is to click on Flash Firmware and then you click OK. Alright! Great! When You see "Please insert USB cable now" what You'll want to do is to power off the device, still be battery in it, don't hold any button then You connect it to the box via the USB cord.

I forgot to power off mine so I'm powering it off right now. Its very important You remember that the box goes into Your PC and then Your phone goes into the box. That's how its connected. So I'm powering off my phone OK? It's powered off now. I'm going to connect. Alright! Great! so I have detection. So flashing has begun already and its still loading the preloader It's important You do not interrupt the flashing process because if You do, it could cause Your phone to go totally dead In which case You would either have to take out and reinsert the battery or You keep charging till it comes up.

So I'm flashing. Do not interrupt the process okay? it's going to take a while because I'm flashing system. Yes, this is the very reason why its going to take a while to flash. 1.3 GB is going to take a while to flash so its very important You be patient. Do not interrupt the process and just sit back okay? 98% after quite a while, almost done. Just need to keep....99% very important you do not interrupt the process.

Alright so that's done. You can power up the phone after disconnecting now. So that's basically how to flash a Mediatek Android phone's firmware using NCK box AndroidMTK module

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Post: 2 by San5223

how can i flash k7 .bin with nck box
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Post: 3 by X3non

(04-09-2021, 04:56 AM)San5223 Wrote:  how can i flash k7 .bin with nck box

you can check other tabs e.g backup for such feature
if you don't find it then use a different tool
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Post: 4 by San5223

sp flashtool not working miracle said write code error any help
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Post: 5 by X3non

(04-09-2021, 05:16 PM)San5223 Wrote:  sp flashtool not working miracle said write code error any help

stick to your thread for this issue
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Post: 6 by San5223

tanx alot
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