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[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 MTK to backup Mediatek firmware

[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 MTK to backup Mediatek firmware

22-01-2018, 11:07 PM

This is a step-by-step guide on how to backup / dump a Mediatek Android phone's firmware using Infinity Chinese Miracle II / CM2 MTK module. We'd already dropped a guide on how to dump / backup a Mediatek (MTK) Android phone's firmware in scatter format using Miracle Box  so this guide uses the Chinese Miracle II (CM2) MTK Module.


Steps to backup a Mediatek (MTK) phone's firmware using CM2 MTK

Follow the steps below to backup a Mediatek phone's firmware using Infinity CM2 dongle

See the video tutorial below or at https://youtu.be/tId2Z2eOI_I

  1. Launch CM2MTK

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-1.jpg]

  2. Select your phone's chipset under Settings > CPU (refer to https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-13054.html )

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-2.jpg]

  3. Click the Flash tab

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-3.jpg]

  4. Tick the boxes (in front of the Read Firmware button) based on how you intend to backup then click Read Firmware

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-4.jpg]

  5. Once you see Wait for phone... , power off the phone (still with battery inside) then connect to PC via a USB cord

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-5.jpg]

  6. The phone should get detected

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-6.jpg]

  7. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location you wish to save the backup to then click Save

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-7.jpg]

  8. CM2 MTK should strart backing up the phone's partitions, do not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-8.jpg]

  9. Once backup is complete, you should get a Done message

    [Image: How-to-backup-a-Mediatek-Android-phones-...-MTK-9.jpg]

Important Notice
  • Infinity CM II ideally requires a hardware dongle so merely installing the setup and running won't work
  • Should you decide to go for a loader version (that doesn't require a dongle), note that you might run into trouble with your antivirus. You are entirely responsible for allowing such programs to run
  • Ensure you have sufficient storage space on your PC especially when you choose the .bin format backup over scatter format backup
  • Scatter format backups made using Infinity CM2 MTK are SP flash tool flashable
  • Ensure to install and run the latest version of the module because it would support newer chipsets
  • If during backup, you get Cannot create file "C:\InfinityBox\CM2MTK\phdata\mm\CM2MTK.exe" Access is denied then refer to this guide
  • This tool was created by the Infinity Team so credits to them

Video Template
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to backup or dump a Mediatek Android phone's firmware using Chinese Miracle 2 or CM2 MTK module. You'll need to have the hardware dongle. This is the software (right here) which I'm going to be installing. You need to have setup the hardware dongle, we have a guide on that. Once you've done that already, first of all install CM2 MTK by double-clicking [installing CM2 MTK].

I should also mention that you're supposed to install Mediatek VCOM drivers, we have a guide on how to do that so check our Forum and Youtube channel for how to install VCOM drivers. I'll also be installing the supplementary files for CM2 MTK [Installing]. I have CM2 MTK installed. ensure the dongle is connected to the PC at this point. Now, launch CM2 MTK.

I usually run as Administrator to avoid permission issues. The dashboard might take a while to come up so exercise some patience. Alright! Its up right now. Now, select your phone's CPU. We have a guide on how to identify your phone's chipset check out our Forum then click on the Flash tab. At the bottom, tick the boxes based on how you want to flash then click on Read Firmware.

When you see Wait for phone.. power off the phone still with battery inside then connect it to the PC via USB cord. Once that is done, it should detect your phone just like this. Now, in this popup, you navigate to the location where you want to save your backup then click on Save and sit back while the tool backs up your phone's firmware [backing up rom, pausing video recording]

Alright! Backup is done and this is where you can find your backup. So that's basically how to dump a Mediatek Android phone's firmware using Infinity Chinese Miracle 2 MTK module
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