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How to use Mi Flash tool (EDL and Fastboot method) - hovatek - 07-04-2019

This guide will explain how to flash files or firmware to Xiaomi devices using Mi Flash tool. We'll cover the two techniques which are Fastboot and Emergency Download (EDL) mode method.


How to use Mi Flash tool

Follow the steps below to flash a Xiaomi device using Mi Flash tool

See the video below or @ https://youtu.be/GdjwutZcwrs

  1. Launch Mi Flash tool

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-1.jpg]

  2. Click Select

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-2.jpg]

  3. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the firmware folder. Highlight the parent folder of both the images (folder) and script files (its Xiaomi_OPM1_171019_026_Redmi_Go_8_1_0 in this example) then click OK

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-3.jpg]

  4. Boot the device into EDL or Fastboot (depending on which you wish to use) then connect to PC via USB cord and click Refresh

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-4.jpg]

  5. The device should get detected as something like these:


    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-5.jpg]


    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-6.jpg]

  6. At the bottom, select your preferred flash option. You could stick to clean all if you're not certain what to select

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-7.jpg]

  7. Click Flash

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-8.jpg]

  8. Flashing should commence, do not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-9.jpg]

  9. You should get a success message once flashing is done

    [Image: How-to-use-Mi-Flash-tool-EDL-and-Fastboot-method-10.jpg]

Important Notice
Vide Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'm going t explain how to use Mi flash tool. You need to have the firmware which you intend to flash. Mine is in this format Qualcomm device.  You also need to have installed your drivers whether for fastboot or edl and you need to have Mi flash tool so I'm going to launch. Don't forget, you need to setup ADB and fastboot if you're using fastboot or  install Qualcomm drivers if you're using EDL.

Now, you click on Select and you navigate to the location of the firmware select the parent folder of the images (folder) and scripts and then you click on OK. Next you boot the device into either fastboot or EDL depending on which method you want to use For this guide, I'll be using EDL.  So I'll connect the device to PC. Now I have Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader

Now you click on Refresh and the device should get detected. Good. Nw, you can select clean all at the bottom or any option you want then you  click on Flash. Now you wait while flashing commences. Its very important you do not interrupt this process. Once flashing is done, you should get a success message. So that's how to flash using Mi Flash tool in either fastboot or EDL mode