How to root Android

How to root Android

You might have come across people talking about wanting to root their Android devices so they could do more. Rooting helps you squeeze out even more value from your device if done right. Done wrong and you’ll end up with a bricked Android device. What does it mean to root Android? Root for Android is

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Set Warranty Bit: recovery

Fixing Set Warranty Bit: recovery on Samsung devices

Flashing unofficial binaries trigger warnings and messages on Samsung devices. One example is the Set Warranty Bit: recovery error. Set Warranty Bit: kernel(0) is another variant is . Fixing this type of error is pretty easy but can be a bit tricky. What is Set Warranty Bit: recovery? You get this error after flashing a

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ssamsung auto twrp porter

Samsung Auto TWRP Porter v1.1

We’ve launched auto TWRP porter v1.1 for Samsung devices. This update is focused on Mediatek devices. What’s New? Mediatek Android 10 (Q) support (v3.5.0) Mediatek Android 11 (Red Velvet Cake) support (v3.5.2) Visit the official forum thread to download. We’ll appreciate feedback. A beta release for Mediatek auto TWRP porter with Android 10 and 11

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