Fixing Set Warranty Bit: recovery on Samsung devices

Flashing unofficial binaries trigger warnings and messages on Samsung devices. One example is the Set Warranty Bit: recovery error. Set Warranty Bit: kernel(0) is another variant is . Fixing this type of error is pretty easy but can be a bit tricky.

What is Set Warranty Bit: recovery?

You get this error after flashing a custom or modified recovery image like TWRP to the device. This warning is just to let you know that you’re no longer on a stock recovery image. Your phone should boot normally to home screen. It sometimes ends up in a bootloop or a black screen.

Phone getting stuck in a black screen

A black screen is common when you flash an incompatible custom recovery. In such a case, the phone isn’t dead, its just stuck in recovery mode. You can tell this because once you hold volume decrease and power button for several seconds, the phone reboots but goes back to black screen.

How do I fix Set Warranty Bit: recovery?

You simply need to flash the stock recovery image via Odin3

The main challenge you might encounter is getting the device into Download Mode. According to the guide, there are four main methods (depending on your device):

  1. Volume Down + Home + Power keys (e.g Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G389F)
  2. Volume Down + Bixby + Power keys (e.g Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950)
  3. Volume Up + Volume Down + Power keys (e.g Samsung Galaxy A12 SM-A125)
  4. Volume Up + Volume Down + USB cable (e.g Samsung Galaxy Jean SM-A605K)

You will encounter problems with Samsung devices that use method 4. In order to get such devices into download mode, you either have the battery disconnected and reconnected or you leave it stuck in black screen and wait till the battery drains.

Once you achieve a powered off state, you can then boot into Download Mode and flash the stock recovery image.


Ensure to flash a recovery image for your exact Build Number and Binary Version. This is to reduce the probability of a forced factory reset.