Fixing only WhatsApp and Instagram can connect to the internet

Its quite possible to suddenly realize that no other app on your Android phone is able to connect to the internet except Whatsapp and maybe Instagram. This is despite you having an active data plan which isn’t restricted to these apps.

You’ll notice that this happens when you’re on mobile data. All seem to work fine on wifi, narrowing the issue down to mobile data.

The root cause of this issue is an authentication setting in your current Access Point Name (APN) settings. To fix this issue:

  1. Find out your service provider’s APN settings (you can run a Google search)
  2. Navigate to Settings > Connections > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names (the exact path might vary with device)
  3. Tap Add
  4. Input your service provider’s APN settings and leave all other fields as they are
  5. Tap the menu at the top right then choose Save
  6. Back on the APN screen, tick the APN you just added
  7. Restart the device