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[Tutorial] How to flash Samsung using Z3X Samsung Tool Pro

[Tutorial] How to flash Samsung using Z3X Samsung Tool Pro

12-01-2023, 03:51 PM

This guide will explain how to use Samsung Tool Pro from Z3X box to flash firmware to a Samsung Android device.


Steps to use Z3X Samsung Tool Pro to flash Samsung firmware

Follow the steps below to flash Samsung phones using Z3X

See the video tutorial below or @ https://youtu.be/Yy3rNhdQ17c

  1. Launch Samsung Tool Pro and click the Flash tab

    [Image: How-to-flash-Samsung-firmware-using-Z3X-1.webp]

  2. Load the firmware files by clicking on the buttons under files
    Boot = BL
    PDA = AP
    Phone = CP
    CSC = CSC

    [Image: How-to-flash-Samsung-firmware-using-Z3X-2.webp]

  3. Select the corresponding file in the window that pops up

    [Image: How-to-flash-Samsung-firmware-using-Z3X-3.webp]

  4. Boot the device into Download Mode, connect to PC via USB cable then click flash

    [Image: How-to-flash-Samsung-firmware-using-Z3X-4.webp]

  5. Wait till the flashing is complete and you see a Flash Done message. The device should reboot afterward

    [Image: How-to-flash-Samsung-firmware-using-Z3X-5.webp]

Important Notice
  • Only tick the boxes under options if you are certain of what you're trying to do
  • Choose a PIT file and tick repartition if you wish to repartition
  • Choosing Home CSC will not wipe your data, choosing CSC will
  • If you get a data repartition error after flashing then do a factory reset in recovery mode

Video Transcript

In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to flash firmware to a Samsung Android device using Z3Xs Samsung Tool Pro. The first thing you need to do is set up your z3x, you need to have the box, I'll link to a guide on that. You also need to set up your Samsung drivers, I'll link to a guide on that also. Now once you have these in place, you launch the Samsung tool pro. You also need to know how to boot your Samsung into EDL, I'll link to a guide on that also or that is Download Mode.

Now you come under the flash tab and you choose your firmware files. I already selected them here but I'll just remove all of these. Now, if you have a PIT file (that is for repartitioning), you choose that and if you don't intend to repartition or you don't have that, you can skip this field. Now for boot, you click on this boot and then go to the firmware folder and you choose the BL file. For PDA, you choose the AP. For those that have single-file firmware, that'll just be PDA and that's just AP you'll be flashing but this is a multi-file firmware.

So for PDA, I'm choosing AP. For phone, you choose CP, and then for CSC, depending on what you want to do... If you want to retain your data, you choose Home CSC but if you want to wipe data, you choose the regular CSC. I'll choose regular. Now with all these in place, you boot your device into download mode and then you connect it to the PC. Now, you click on flash. OK, I'm having an issue with the connection. I'll check that out quickly. OK, I'm in download mode. I'll connect and then I'll click on flash. So for these other options repartitioning, that's if you want to do a repartition when you have a PIT file. Clear EFS if you intend to clear EFS, update the bootloader.

You can leave these options blank if you're not sure of what you want to do. So I'm in Download Mode, I'll click on flash. And then you wait while the firmware is flashed. Don't interrupt the process. Alright, flashing is done now the device is going to reboot. After flashing, I suggest you do a factory reset just in case you have any data corruption error and once you do a factory reset, your device should boot back to the home screen. So that's how to flash the firmware to a Samsung Android device using Z3X's Samsung Tool Pro
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