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How to use LGUP (GUI) to flash LG phones

Post: 1 by hovatek

This guide will explain how to use LGUP (GUI version) to flash firmware (in .kdz or .tot format) to an LG Android device.


  • Download and install LG drivers
  • Download the firmware for your model (.kdz or .tot)
  • Download LGUP tool
  • Download the DLL that'll work for your model (might come as .msi or .dll). You can check this list
  • The device can enter Download Mode (Power off > Hold volume increase button > Connect to PC via USB cable > Keep holding the Vol+ button till it enters Download Mode)

Steps to use LGUP to flash LG phones

Follow the steps below to flash firmware to LG Android devices using LGUP tool (GUI)

See the video below or @

  1. Boot the device into Download Mode and leave connected to the PC

    [Image: LG-Android-in-download-mode.webp]

  2. With the device in Download Mode, Launch LGUP

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-1.webp]

  3. Under Processes, select your preferred flash option. You can leave it at refurbish if uncertain about what to choose

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-2.webp]

  4. Click under File path

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-3.webp]

  5. Click the Open button

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-4.webp]

  6. Navigate to the location of the KDZ or tot you wish to flash, highlight it then click Open

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-5.webp]

  7. Click Start

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-6.webp]

  8. LGUP should begin flashing, do not interrupt

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-7.webp]

  9. Once flashing is done, you should see a COMPLETE message. Wait till the device boots up

    [Image: how-to-use-lgup-gui-8.webp]

Important Notice
  • Ensure to get a DLL which is compatible with your model/variant
  • You might get an error when you attempt to cross-flash

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to flash firmware to an LG Android device using LGUP (GUI) tool. First you need to have the dll for your device model. It can be in .msi or .dll. You also need to have the LGUP tool depending on the version you want to use and of course you need to have the kdz. You also need to have installed your LG drivers. I'll link  to that.. and boot the device into Download mode. Now, to boot into download mode, you power off the device. Hold the volume increase button, that's the up, then connect it to the PC via USB cable and keep holding the volume up button until it enters download mode then you'll see Firmware Update. This is what download mode looks like.

Now, once you're in download mode, you leave it connected and you can install your dll. Now, once your dll is installed, you'll find your dll in a particular location, I'll show you that later on. As I said, it can be an msi or a .dll. Just copy your dll to that location, that's the most important thing so this is where the dll will be. Model , common and this is where its going to be so you can copy your dll (.dll) file directly into this directory. Now next you install your LGUP. Alright, so you can click Finish. Now you're ready to launch LGUP. Make sure the device is connected in download mode if not its not going to open up the tool. Alright, so you can see the device's information being displayed here and you can choose... under processes, you can choose how you want to flash. If you're not sure of what to choose, you can just leave it on Refurbished.

Now you click on this area and you click this Open button and then you navigate to the .kdz you intend to flash and then click on Open. Once all is set, you can click on Start and now the device should start flashing. You'll also see the progress bar on your device in download mode. Just ensure not to interrupt this process until it is done. Alright, you might notice that the device is going to reboot at some point, just leave it until its done. You wait till the device boots up completely. So that's how to flash an LG Android device using LGUP (GUI) tool. 

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Post: 2 by Hernandez

Error lgup
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Post: 3 by hovatek

(01-03-2022, 06:06 PM)Hernandez Wrote:  Error lgup

Share a screenshot of the error

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