Week 1: Winner of Free Hovatek T-shirt & 2-in-1 Pen

The giveaway has begun. I want to believe you know your Hovatek T-shirt size by now. Just incase you don’t know yours, we’d put together a quick guide on knowing your Hovatek T-shirt size so find out yours because one of these could be yours.

Free Hovatek T-shirts

As customary, the first Hovatek T-shirt goes to a member, fan or follower who has been selflessly supporting Hovatek by being active on our website or promoting us on Social Media. The first T-shirt in the previous giveaway went to the Social Media category and was clinched by Bosunjegs (what an awesome guy!). Keslar had also received a T-shirt for activity (what a great lady she is!).

We’ve received a lot of support from you guys and want to thank you very much for believing in Hovatek. It was really difficult picking the winner of this first T-shirt considering all the support we’ve been getting from our wonderful members at the Forum but somebody has to win it.

Hovatek T-shirt Week 1 winner

The first T-shirt + 2-in-1 Pen for this giveaway goes to Freshtyt. Although Freshtyt is a Premium Member, he’s been very active and selfless at the Forum. Congratulations!

How can I win a Hovatek T-shirt and 2-in-1 Pen?

For others looking to get a Hovatek T-shirt + 2-in-1 Pen, we still have some up for grabs. Our next giveaway will take place on H-Tech Radio so ensure to listen to Episode 1. You can also send your questions, suggestions or contributions to h-techradio@hovatek.com , we welcome them.

* These Hovatek branded items are free and we’ll also ship to you for free.