How to disable Windows 10 OS update

Windows 10 could be a data hog if not configured to save but the awesome part is that its pretty easy to control your data usage on Windows 10.  If you’ve lost a chunk of your data to Windows updates then I’m pretty certain you wish to disable this feature. In this brief guide, I’ll be teaching you how to save data on your Windows 10 PC by disabling automatic OS updates.

Will my PC be less secure if I don’t update frequently

Sadly, the answer is Yes. Windows pushes a lot of security and bug fix updates so not updating to the latest would mean your PC will miss out and in some cases, be vulnerable to exploits. If you have a good and updated anti-malware then you’ll be better off.

How do I disable automatic OS updates in Windows 10?

If you surf the internet using a Wireless (Wi-Fi) network then set your Wi-Fi connection to metered

Click the Windows Start Menu and select Settings

How to disable windows 10 updates

Click Update & security

Disable auto-update windows 10

Click Advanced options

Windows 10 auto update

Click Choose how updates are delivered

windows 10 automatic updates block

Set Updates from more than one place to Off

How to disable automatic updates in Windows 10

Launch the Windows start menu then type services.msc and click it from the search results

Disable windows update service

The Windows Services dashboard should now be open. Scroll down and double-click Windows Update

easily block Windows 10 automatic update

Under Startup type, select Disabled then click Stop

how to block windows 10 automatic update

Click Apply then OK

how to block windows from updating

The Windows update service should now be disabled

how to stop windows 10 continuous update

Restart the PC