How to easily reset a Windows 10 PC without losing your important files

How to easily reset windows 10 PC

Its quite normal for your Windows 10 PC to slow down after several app installs. Lagging could also be as a result of driver, registry or malware issues. Although we’d dropped a very helpful guide on how to fix a slow PC, resetting is sometimes the easiest fix but the fear of losing important files deters many. This guide will teach you how to reset your Windows 10 PC and most importantly, not lose your valuable files.

Will I lose my files and installed applications after I reset?

Installed applications? Yes. Files? depending on your selection. As a rule of thumb, backup all your important files to an external storage device (SSD, HDD, SD card or Flash drive). This guide is however aimed at preventing file loss as a result of the Operating System (OS) reset.

How do I reset my Windows 10 PC and still not lose my files?

* Note: Ensure that the PC’s battery is well charged or charging throughout the process (recommended) to avoid an interruption due to a drained battery.

There are two methods you could use:

  • Reset from outside Windows
  • Reset from within Windows (recommended)

To reset Windows 10 from outside Windows, follow our guide on how to install Windows 10

To reset from within Windows:

Launch the Windows Start menu and click Settings

Resetting Windows 10

Click Update & security

Easily refresh Windows 10

Click Recovery

how to wipe windows 10 laptop

If you wish to retain your files but remove apps and settings, select Keep my files (Recommended). If you wish to remove apps, settings and files, select Remove Everything.

wiping a windows 10 computer

Wait while the reset wizard gets ready

windows 10 reset wizard

You should get a notification of what is to be removed

reset windows 10 without losing files

Click Reset to commence the reset

how to wipe windows 10 OS

Sit back and let the process complete. Once its done, you should find yourself in the Windows 10 setup menu.
* Note: It might take a while so fight off the temptation to interfere with the reset process.

Hovatek….just a button away!

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