How to set a Wireless (Wi-Fi) connection as metered or unmetered in Windows 8 and 10

Windows set metered connection

I’ve heard a good number of people say they don’t like Windows 8 or 10 because they end up having to spend much more on data due to frequent updates. What these people might not know is that Windows 8 and 10 come with a really useful feature for data (bandwidth) saving. This guide will teach you how to control data usage on your Windows 8 and 10 PC using the easy-to-use Metered and Unmetered connection feature.

What is a Metered or Unmetered connection

Simply put, when you have a fixed volume of data to use within a time frame (e.g 10 GB of data valid for 30 days) then you are on a metered connection. If on the other hand, you have unlimited data to use withing a time frame (e.g unlimited surfing for 30 days) then you are on an unmetered connection. In essence, you are mindful of your data usage when on a metered connection but not when on an unmetered connection.

How does setting my wireless connection (Wi-Fi) to metered help me save cost / money on data?

With your Wireless connection set to metered, Windows restricts downloads of updates because it now knows you’re watching your data consumption.

How can I set a wireless connection to metered or unmetered?

Click the Wireless icon at the bottom-right corner of your PC

how to save data on windows 8 and 10

Click Network Settings

how to set wireless as metered windows

Click Advanced options

setting metered connection windows 10 and 8

Change Set as metered connection to On for metered and Off for unmetered

windows 10 and 8 metered and unmetered connection

How can I monitor my data usage?

Follow the guide on how to monitor and manage your data usage in Windows

I would like to Install Windows 8 or 10, how do I go about it?

Easy! See How to install Windows 8 or How to install Windows 10

Hovatek….just a button away!

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