Hovatek Forum DOWNLOADS Mediatek (MTK) Secure Boot DA & Auth. files [Downloads] Azumi MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) loader files
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[Downloads] Azumi MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) loader files

[Downloads] Azumi MTK Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) loader files

04-03-2020, 08:22 PM

This thread is dedicated to listing Secure Boot Download Agent (DA) files for Azumi Mediatek (MTK) Android devices. It is a community effort so the files are free, no passwords. If you have any confirmed DA that's not listed below then help this list grow by sending it to us.

Why would I need an MTK Secure Boot DA file?

Azumi devices which have a Secure Bootloader would give you authentication or buffer errors when trying to flash using SP flash tool. Dongles / Boxes like Infinity CM2 would throw a Secure Boot! error. To flash such devices, you'll need a Azumi Secure Boot DA file. It'll also come in handy when trying to bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP)

How do I use a Azumi custom Secure Boot DA file?

See the video below or @ https://youtu.be/k0b2RDh7U-M

After you've downloaded and extracted the bin file, you rename the file to MTK_AllInOne_DA_SP.bin or DA_SWSEC.bin (depending on what you downloaded). At this point, you either manually load the DA in the flash tool you are using or replace the tool's default Download Agent with the custom DA then relaunch the tool. To learn how to use / load a DA file in several Mediatek flash tools, see the guide on how to use a secure boot DA file for Mediatek devices.

Important Notice
  • Do not format devices with secure boot or flash using firmware upgrade
  • Some DA files are tool-specific (i.e will only work with a specific Mediatek tool) so try them on as many Mediatek Flash tools as you can

Azumi MTK Secure Boot DA files

Here are download links to DA for flashing Azumi Android phones with Secure Boot

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