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[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 to backup & write QCN to Qualcomm

[Tutorial] How to use Infinity CM2 to backup & write QCN to Qualcomm

24-03-2018, 04:35 PM

This guide will explain how to backup / dump and flash / write QCN to a Qualcomm Android phone using Infinity Box Chinese Miracle II Qualcomm (QLM) Module. The QCN manages NV items like IMEI, Baseband etc so you would want to write (to) it when you run into null or invalid IMEI, WiFi / Bluetooth address etc


Steps to backup or write QCN to a Qualcomm Android device using Infinity Box CM II QLM

Follow the steps below to use Infinity Chinese Miracle (CM) II to backup / flash QCN

See the video tutorial below or at https://youtu.be/WyjpwA7o8Hs

  • Connect the phone to the PC (via a USB cord) while powered on with Diag Mode enabled. You should have an entry like Qualcomm HS-USB Android DIAG 901D in device manager

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-1.jpg]

  • Launch Infinity Box CM2 QLM

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-2.jpg]

Procedure for backing up / dumping / extracting QCN

  1. Click Read QCN

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-3.jpg]

  2. The device's details should get detected and QCN backup begin. DO Not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-4.jpg]

  3. You should get a Done message once QCN backup is complete

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-5.jpg]

  4. Open the Saved to directory to see your QCN backup

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-6.jpg]

Procedure for restoring / flashing / writing QCN

  1. Same requirements as above with phone on & connected in Diag Mode. Ensure you have a QCN backup for your phone model then in CM2 QLM, click Write QCN

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-7.jpg]

  2. Click Yes if prompted

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-8.jpg]

  3. The phone's details should get detected

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...-QLM-9.jpg]

  4. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location of the QCN file, highlight it then click Open

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...QLM-10.jpg]

  5. QCN write should begin, Do Not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...QLM-11.jpg]

  6. You should get a done message once QCN write is complete

    [Image: How-to-backup-write-QCN-to-a-Qualcomm-An...QLM-12.jpg]

Important Notice
  • Infinity CM2 QLM ideally requires a hardware dongle to work. Merely installing the setup and running the module won't work
  • If you decide to use a loader version and get a warning from your antivirus then you are entirely responsible for ignoring it
  • Ensure to backup your QCN before flashing another to your device just in case the QCN you flash makes your device worse
  • For compatibility purpose, you should only flash a QCN or EFS extracted from a device of the same model. Build / region could vary depending on your goal
  • You should disable Diagnostic (DIAG) mode once done with this procedure so your device can connect normally (via MTP) to the PC

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to backup and write QCN to a Qualcomm Android device using infinity box CM 2 QLM module. You need to have setup this dongle, we have a guide on how to do that. You need to have rooted the device. We have a guide for that too. You need to have installed your Qualcomm drivers, we have a guide for that. You also need to have boot the device into Diagnostic mode, we have a guide on how to do that.

Now, once you've put all these in place, what you'll want to do is to install and launch the Infinity box CM 2 Qualcomm module. I'll do that quickly. Then You'll want to (while the phone is on) connect the device to PC via the USB cord (while it is on) don't forget to enable USB debugging and the phone should be in diagnostic mode ok? Now, once the phone is in diagnostic mode, its going to look something like this in your device manager, it's going to have an entry like this. The phone should be powered on and connected to the PC. It should look something like this under device manager.

This is diagnostic mode ok? Good we have cm2 up. Now, what you'll want to do is to click on Read QCN. Just click this button. Don't forget the phone should be connected and powered on and then you should have detection and this should start backing up your QCN. Now, just in case you don't know what the QCN does, it's your NV items. It contains your IMEI, Baseband, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth address and all those things that involve the NV. So if your QCN gets corrupted, your phone won't be able to detect your sim network.

So you might have issues like no signal on your phone, your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi not working and all those other NV related issues ok? So that's what the QCN is for. So this is ready backing up the phone's QCN its very important you do not interrupt the process and don't forget that the reason why your phone needs to be rooted is because your phone needs to be rooted in order to get it into diagnostic mode. That is the very reason why you need to root the phone okay? Just to get it into diagnostic mode okay? Its only in diagnostic mode you can have this tool being able to read or write QCN to the phone.

Alright! Great! So QCN read is complete. I have a done message in this directory so what you'd want to do is to check the directory, that's my QCN file here. So QCN backup is done. Now, if you want to write QCN, you'll need to have the QCN backup of course like I already did. All you need to do here is the same requirements, just click on Write QCN this time around. Its the same requirement for reading just click on Write QCN this time around. Make sure you have the QCN file. For this prompt, you can click on yes, I don't have any security file or setting which I need to supply for my QCN write. You just click on yes to proceed.

Now, a window will pop up very soon. Good! in this Window, what you'll want to do is to navigate to the location where your QCN file is located. You highlight the file and click on Open and then that is going to load it as you can see in the Chinese miracle II Qualcomm module and QCN is being written to the device. Alright! Great! So that is done.

That's how to read and write QCN to a Qualcomm Android device using infinity Chinese Miracle 2 Qualcomm module
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