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How to use NCK Pro Box to backup Qualcomm QCN

Post: 1 by hovatek

This is a step-by-step guide on backing up / dumping a Qualcomm Android device's QCN using NCk Pro Box.
Your Qualcomm Android phone's QCN manages NV items like IMEI, Baseband, Wifi address etc so its important you back it up in case it gets corrupted. This guide will explain how to do this using NCK Pro Box.


Steps to backup a Qualcomm Android phone's QCN file using NCK Pro Box

Follow the steps below to backup or restore Qualcomm Android QCN with NCK Pro box

See the video tutorial below or at

  1. Launch NckBox Qualcomm Module

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-1.jpg]

  2. Click the ADB-FASTBOOT UTILS tab

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-2.jpg]

  3. Connect the phone to the Box (while powered on) via a USB cord then click Enable Diag

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-3.jpg]

  4. You should get a prompt on your phone asking you to grant Shell Super User permission, go ahead and grant. Once Diagnostic Mode has been successfully enabled on the phone, you should get an All done message.

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-4.jpg]

  5. To confirm Diag Mode, launch Device manager, you should see something like Qualcomm HS-USB Android DIAG 901D

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-5.jpg]

  6. Back in NckBox, click the IMEI-QCN tab

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-6.jpg]

  7. Under QCN, click Backup

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-7.jpg]

  8. In the Window that pops up, navigate to the location you wish to save the QCN file then click Save

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-8.jpg]

  9. The tool should start backing up the QCN, do not interrupt

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...-Box-9.jpg]

  10. Once QCN backup is finished, you should get a Done message

    [Image: How-to-backup-dump-a-Qualcomm-Android-ph...Box-10.jpg]

Important Notice
  • NCK Pro Box requires a hardware box in order for the module setup to work
  • If you've chosen to go with a loader version (no box required) then it might get flagged by your antivirus. You're responsible for choosing to ignore the warning
  • ¬†Avoid restoring a different model's QCN as this could brick the device
  • Its recommended you backup your currenct QCN / EFS before flashing another just in case the newer one makes the device worse
  • Remove the device from Diagnostic (DIAG) mode after this procedure so your Qualcomm device can connect in other modes like MTP

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to backup or dump a Qualcomm Android phone's QCN file using NCK Pro box. QCN manages your phone's NV items. That includes your IMEI, Baseband, WiFi & Bluetooth address, basically anything that involves the phone's radio is managed by the QCN so if this gets corrupted, you'll have a case where your phone can't detect signal or you begin to have NV issues ok? So its very important you backup this file so you can always restore it if it gets corrupted.

For you to follow this guide, you need to have the NCK Pro hardware box. You need to have set it up, we have a guide on how to do that. You need to have installed your Qualcomm drivers, we also have a guide on how to do that. You need to have the phone which you want to backup QCN from and you need to have rooted the phone. For you to root this phone, you can follow our guide on how to root an Android phone using Magisk manager. We have a guide and video on that so check it out, follow that guide to root your phone because this procedure requires a rooted phone okay?

Once you have (met) all these requirements, launch the NCK box Qualcomm module, I forgot to mention that you have to also download this module and install it; NCK box Qualcomm module. We have a guide on how to download NCK module, make sure you have that installed. The dashboard is going to take a while to come up. It should come up any moment from now. Alright! Great! This is my NCK Qualcomm module dashboard. The first thing you'll want to do is to enable Diagnostic Mode. This is the reason you need to have rooted the device because you'll need to enable Diagnostic Mode. Under this dashboard, you go under ADB-FASTBOOT utils. You'll want to enable USB Debugging on the phone. We have a guide on how to do that so just check it out then you connect the phone to the box while it is on. The phone should be switched on with USB Debugging enabled. Phone connected to box, box to PC.

Still under the ADB-FASTBOOT utils tab, click on Enable Diag. This is to enable Diagnostic Mode (rooted phone) Now, you might get a prompt on the phone asking you to allow shell root permission, accept. Keep checking your phone's screen during this process, you'll get a prompt to allow root permission. Once you've done that, you should have something like this. To be sure, you can checkout Device Manager. My phone is still connected to the box so it should be detected under Device Manager. You should have the Diag Mode here. Great! this is it. This shows that the phone is in Diagnostic Mode.

Alright! Come over to the IMEI-QCN tab. Now, you're going to click backup here. In this Window that pops up, what you'll want to do is to navigate to the location where you want to save the QCN file. You can name it whatever you want to name it. Navigate to the location where you want to save your QCN file. Set the name then click on Save. I'm saving mine to the Hovatek NCK box folder, its dumping. Its very important you do not interrupt this process. Once its done. you'll get a confirmation so sit back and watch this backup your QCN file. Alright! Awesome! QCN dump done. I can head over to this directory (folder) to check for my QCN file and here, I have it.

QCN file backed up. So that's basically how to backup or dump a Qualcomm Android phone's QCN file using NCK box Qualcomm module.

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