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How to boot into Recovery mode directly from Fastboot mode

Post: 1 by X3non

In our previous guide @ , we mentioned a few methods through which one could exit fastboot mode i.e if your device happens to get stuck in fastboot. In this guide, we'll explain how to reboot directly into recovery mode from fastboot mode.

Steps on how to Reboot in Recovery mode directly from Fastboot mode on an Android Phone

follow the steps below to boot to recovery mode directly from fastboot mode

  1. Setup adb and fastboot on your PC using the guide @
  2. Connect the phone to the PC while the phone is in fastboot mode

  3. Type in the command below into adb CMD prompt window and hit Enter
    fastboot oem reboot-recovery

  4. You should get an OKAY message in adb window and the device should reboot directly into recovery mode

Important Notice
  • The command used here doesn't work on every android device. 
  • See this guide to check if your android device supports the command. If you find the command "oem reboot-recovery" from the list of hidden fastboot commands in your device's bootloader file, then your device should support the command.
  • If fastboot doesn't detect your device, then ensure to see the fix

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