Does it make sense for a MiFi to display your SSID and password on screen?

I own an unlocked Spectranet-branded Huawei E5573Cs -609 which happens to support the 4G LTE Band Frequencies of Nigerian networks I use. I’ve not had much of a reason to purchase another. A few days back, I was with my brother who was bitter about his Spectranet-branded Freedom MiFi. It was displaying his SSID (Wireless name) and password right there on the screen.

The default screen displays details like service provider’s name, battery level, signal strength etc. Pressing the power button once changes the screen to one displaying the wireless SSID and password. Even changing the WiFi key reflects the change.

I’m aware of some models which allow you turn off this feature under Settings > Advanced Settings > General Settings > GUI Configurations > Display SSID/WiFi key . One would have to login to the dashboard which could be http://homerouter.cpe/ , , or . The exact address might vary depending on your device type. If you’ve not changed, both username and password should be either admin or user .

The problem with my brother’s model was that I couldn’t find any setting to turn off this feature at the dashboard.

Spectranet customer care to the rescue?

We spoke with 2 agents. The first merely explained how to exit that SSID & WiFi key-displaying screen. The second spent the better part of our airtime trying to convince us that its a ‘unique feature’ to help us easily locate the WiFi key. We were advised to hide the MiFi to prevent unauthorized access. How’s that for customer support?


I think its a really silly feature for a MiFi (which is supposed to be taken around) especially when it can’t be easily disabled. One could as well have the SSID and WiFi key inscribed on one’s forehead.

Do you find this feature helpful? Have you been able to disable it?