Are Secure Boot DA files still important?

A little while back, one of our members sent us an email requesting the DA file for a Secure Boot device. He was quite surprised to learn that he didn’t need a DA thanks to the SLA/DAA Bypass. While the guide initially seemed daunting to him, he quickly realized that its not that difficult to use.

What are the advantages of a DA file over Auth Bypass?

Convenience is the only advantage I can think of. You simply load the DA file in the tool and you’re good to go but it ends there. Finding a compatible DA (though we have a Mediatek DA & Auth file collection) isn’t half as easy. There’s also the limitation of a format / firmware upgrade causing the device to request for an Auth file (even harder to find).

Are Secure Boot DA files dead?

No! far from it. The SLA/DAA bypass is just a more reliable way (for now if your chipset is supported) since you don’t have to waste time or spend money looking for a DA / Auth file. It however seems that some OEMs are starting to patch the vulnerability so DA and Auth files might become King again.

Until the SLA/DAA bypass is patched in most models, its definitely an approach worth considering. Even your favorite boxes and dongles have implemented it.

Which has served you better, DA+Auth vs SLA/DAA/Auth bypass?

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