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Changing software(xz2) from so-03k to h2816 customized uk

Post: 1 by safin252

I have a so-03k docomo Japan xperia xz2.. it's sim is unlocked but bootloader is heavily locked(service menu ,bl unlock stats:no) I want to flash global in it...I tried connecting it with flashtool and it response but flashing wrong varient (though the hardware are exactly same) it detects says bundle doesn't match with connected there any way to skip it's verification and force install the h2816 varient rom... it's the same hardware but mine is japan and I want global.... please help me..
Also I want to unlock it's bootloader

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Post: 2 by AutoResponder

Thank you for reaching out for support. Due to high demand, our free support services may experience some delays in response time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
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