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[Development] How to unlock Hisense A5 Pro CC bootloader

[Development] How to unlock Hisense A5 Pro CC bootloader

13-07-2023, 09:26 PM

This guide will explain how to unlock the bootloader of a Hisense A5 Pro CC.


How to unlock Hisense A5 Pro CC Bootloader

Follow the steps below to unlock the bootloader of a Hisense A5 Pro CC

See the video below or @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jev9JlZJ4o

  1. Launch Zadig, click Options and click List All Devices

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-1.png]

  2. Expand the dropdown then Boot your device into download mode i.e. power off, hold volume increase + volume decrease + power then connect to PC via USB cable. It should get detected (Gadget Serial in this example), select it

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-2.png]

  3. Confirm the USB ID is 1782 4d00 . In front of Driver, choose WinUSB (for Windows 7) or libusbK (for Windows 10+) then click the button below (Install Driver or Replace Driver). You should get a success message once drivers are installed or updated. Close Zadig

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-3.png]

  4. Copy readme.bat into the exploit folder and run the readme.bat

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-4.png]

  5. Once you see Waiting for connection (30s), get the phone into Download mode then connect to PC, it should get detected

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-5.png]

  6. Follow the prompts i.e. type yes when prompted to and tap Enter when you see 'Press any key to continue..'

    [Image: How-to-unlock-Hisense-A5-Pro-CC-Bootloader-6.png]

  7. The device should reboot once the bootloader is unlocked

Credits to TomKing062 for the exploit. Repo is @ https://github.com/TomKing062/CVE-2022-3...bootloader

Important Notice
  • If you encounter CHECK_BAUD_FAIL then power on your device > power off > Launch the bat file > Get your device into download mode and connect the phone to the PC via USB cable
  • If you encounter libusb_open_device failed then ensure to install the libusbK and disable your Antivirus temporarily
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