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[Tutorial] How to setup Ubuntu on Windows using Vmware Workstation Player

[Tutorial] How to setup Ubuntu on Windows using Vmware Workstation Player

13-04-2023, 08:54 PM

This guide will explain how to use Ubuntu on a Windows PC using VMware Workstation Player. It will come in handy for those having trouble with Linux Live USB.


Steps to setup Ubuntu on Vmware Workstation Player in Windows

Follow the steps below to setup Ubuntu as a guest OS on Windows

See the video tutorial below or @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxeSXoz_Zqc

  1. Launch Vmware Workstation Player and click Create a New Virtual Machine

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-1.jpg]

  2. Choose Installer disc image file (iso)

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-2.jpg]

  3. Click Browse

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-3.jpg]

  4. Navigate to the location of the iso, select it then click Open

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-4.jpg]

  5. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-5.jpg]

  6. Enter your details and click Next

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-6.jpg]

  7. Name your virtual machine and click Browse

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-7.jpg]

  8. Choose the folder to save your VM files

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-8.jpg]

  9. Click Next

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...ayer-9.jpg]

  10. Allocate more storage space or leave the default if you wish then click Next

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-10.jpg]

  11. Click Finish

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-11.jpg]

  12. Wait while the virtual machine boots up

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-12.jpg]

  13. Start setting up Ubuntu by choosing your keyboard layout and then clicking Continue

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-13.jpg]

  14. Choose your installation preference and then click Continue

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-14.jpg]

  15. Tick Erase disk and install Ubuntu (this doesn't affect your Windows / host PC) then click Install Now

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-15.jpg]

  16. Click Continue

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-16.jpg]

  17. Choose your country and click Continue

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-17.jpg]

  18. Enter your details and click Continue

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-18.jpg]

  19. Wait while Ubuntu gets set up

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-19.jpg]

  20. You should see the desktop once setup is done

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-20.jpg]

  21. You might notice that the Ubuntu guest OS takes only a fraction of the VMware screen i.e it doesn't expand. You can fix it by increasing the resolution under Settings > Displays

    [Image: How-to-setup-Ubuntu-on-Windows-using-Vmw...yer-21.jpg]

Important Notice
If you're having trouble mounting the shared folder despite setting one on Ubuntu 18.04 (or recent Debian distros), try:


sudo vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ /mnt/hgfs/ -o allow_other -o uid=1000

If the hgfs directory doesn't exist, try:


sudo vmhgfs-fuse .host:/ /mnt/ -o allow_other -o uid=1000

You may have used a specific folder instead of .host:/. In that case, you can find out the share's name with vmware-hgfsclient. For example:


$ vmware-hgfsclient
$ sudo vmhgfs-fuse .host:/my-shared-folder /mnt/hgfs/ -o allow_other -o uid=1000

If you want them mounted on startup, update /etc/fstab with the following:


# Use shared folders between VMWare guest and host
.host:/    /mnt/hgfs/    fuse.vmhgfs-fuse    defaults,allow_other,uid=1000     0    0
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