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[Tutorial] How to setup Samkey

[Tutorial] How to setup Samkey

14-09-2021, 11:32 AM

This guide will explain how to setup Samkey, a tool for network unlocking Samsung devices. This guide uses the Samkey SPR.


Steps to setup Samkey

Follow the steps below to setup Samkey on your PC

See the video below or @ https://youtu.be/LMqLpHw7hSs

  1. Launch Samkey SPR or TMO and copy the fingerprint displayed

    [Image: How-to-setup-Samkey-1.jpg]

  2. Purchase credits from an authorized Samkey reseller. You'll be required to provide your fingerprint. The reseller will create an account for you and email you the username and password along with your fingerprint

  3. Login to Samkey SPR or TMO using the username and password you were given by the reseller

    [Image: How-to-setup-Samkey-2.jpg]

  4. Once logged in, Samkey will display your credits balance

    [Image: How-to-setup-Samkey-3.jpg]

  5. To manage your account, visit https://account.samkey.org/ , select TMO from the dropdown and input your fingerprint, username and password to login

    [Image: How-to-setup-Samkey-4.jpg]

  6. To switch PCs, navigate to manager > change fingerprint. Input the fingerprint from the new PC and click Change Finger

    [Image: How-to-setup-Samkey-5.jpg]

Important Notice
  • Samkey doesn't require a hardware box / dongle, only credit purchase
  • To switch PCs, you'll need to change fingerprint to that of the new PC at the Samkey website
  • Upon changing fingerprint, you'll be emailed new login credentials by Samkey
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franco phones
franco phones
franco phones
Enthusiastic Member
29-09-2021, 01:01 PM
how do i purchase the samkey credits ?
Recognized Contributor
30-09-2021, 09:59 AM
(29-09-2021, 01:01 PM)franco phones how do i purchase the samkey credits ?

visit their official website and click the "buy" link
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