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How to boot into recovery mode on an Itel A32F

Post: 1 by hovatek

This guide will explain how to boot an Itel A32F into recovery mode. The common method to boot into recovery mode on Mediatek (MTK) devices is Volume up + Power button (in that order) but its the other way around on the Itel A32F.

How to boot an Itel A32F into recovery mode

Follow the steps below to boot into recovery mode on the Itel A32F MTK Android

  •  Switch off the phone.
  •  Press the Power button and don’t release.
  •  Press the Volume up / increase button and keep holding down both buttons.  
  •  Once the phone boots up (shows a boot logo), release both buttons immediately
  • You should now be in the Select Boot Mode screen

    [Image: Itel-A32F-recovery-mode.jpg]

  • In Boot Mode, you navigate using the Volume up button then select using Volume down button
  • Select [Recovery Mode] from the list
  • You should now enter recovery mode

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