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[Tutorial] How to Download from Weiyun Cloud Storage

[Tutorial] How to Download from Weiyun Cloud Storage

04-01-2018, 05:36 PM

Weiyun is an online cloud storage provided by Tencent. In order to download from Weiyun, one will need to login either using a QQ account or a WEchat account otherwise you'll encounter a 20003 error if you attempt to download without signing in.
QQ account might be quite difficult to get for most non chinese users but good thing Weiyun allows users to use WEchat account as an alternative means to login.


  • An android device with functional camera
  • A PC

Steps on How to Download from Weiyun Cloud Storage

  1. Download WEchat from play store onto your android device, register and login [once done, keep your android device handy as we'll be needing it later on as we progress].
  2. Visit the link of the file you intend to download [use google chrome to visit the link for easy translation to a language you can understand; see https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-21549.html ]

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-1.jpg]

  3. Click on Login at the top right hand corner

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-2.jpg]

  4. A small login box should appear, click on WEchat login and you should see a barcodeĀ 

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-3.jpg]

  5. Using your android device, open the wechat app > click on the + sign at the top right hand corner then select "scan QR code" [if you have problems logging in using this QR scanner, then restart the app and click on "discover" > Scan QR code]

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-4.jpg]

  6. Point your phone's camera to the barcode

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-5.jpg]

  7. Confirm the login request on your android deviceĀ 

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-6.jpg]

  8. You should now be logged into Weiyun [for confirmation, check the top right hand corner for your WEchat username]

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-7.jpg]

  9. Now, to download the file simply tick the checkbox beside the file you intend to download then click on the download icon [if you get a prompt requesting that you save the file before downloading, then save the file and visit https://www.weiyun.com/disk to view and download the file from your weiyun account]

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-8.jpg]

  10. Your download should begin almost immediately

    [Image: How-to-Download-from-Weiyun-Cloud-Storage-9.jpg]
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