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[Tutorial] How to easily take ownership of a file or folder in Windows

[Tutorial] How to easily take ownership of a file or folder in Windows

18-10-2016, 10:18 AM

It could be confusing when you try to delete a file or folder on your Windows PC only to get an error saying you'll need permission from another user to do this even though you're an Administrator . In my case, it was "You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from S-1-5-21-188****" .
To fix this issue:
  1. Download Take ownership attached below
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Double-click Install_Take_Ownership.reg
  4. Select Yes if Windows prompts you to allow this program make changes to your PC

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-take-wnership-ofa-file-or...dows-1.jpg] 

  5. You should  get a prompt from Registry Editor asking you to confirm if you wish to proceed, select Yes

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-take-wnership-ofa-file-or...dows-2.jpg] 

  6. You should now get a success message, click OK

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-take-wnership-ofa-file-or...dows-3.jpg] 

  7. Right-click on the affected file or folder and select Take Ownership

    [Image: Hovatek-how-to-take-wnership-ofa-file-or...dows-4.jpg] 

  8. You may now go ahead to move or delete the file / folder
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