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How to get permission to download Stock ROMs

Post: 1 by hovatek

If you need to download any of these files then here's how to get the needed files (For Premium Members, you can contact us privately if you wish) :

1. Visit to Register 
2. Login
3. Visit to create a new thread
4. In the new thread, you're about to create:

* Make the title / subject a summary of whats wrong with the phone (for example my xxxx phone wont boot after i did xxxx)
* State the full phone model
* State whats wrong with the phone and how it started
* Request for permission to download the stock backup (This is optional as we would normally grant you permission to download any file we believe you need to fix your phone)
* Supply a gmail address
* Click Submit

Why must I request before I get download permission?

We collect these files primarily for our Premium Members (who have paid to upgrade and enjoy more benefits). We understand that not everybody is financially buoyant enough to upgrade so we decided to allow others download for free. Now, if you've ever used Google drive, Dropbox or other cloud services, you would know that your files will get temporarily disabled or even removed for a higher than normal download activity. We pay monthly to host these files and Premium membership pays for that. How then do we explain to a Premium member (who has paid) that the file he/she desperately needs to download is unavailable because free members have got it disabled with too many downloads. 
In a bid to ensure that Premium members are satisfied and the files still remain free for others, we decided to control the download rate by setting downloads to require permission. Good news is that you only need post your device issue at our forum to get download permission. We're really sorry because we know this can't be convenient for all but we'll keep striving to improve just to put that smile on your face.

Why should I post my email address on a public domain? Does it not expose me to spammy emails?

We make use of Cloudflare's Email Obfuscation Technology so all email addresses posted on this website are hidden from Bots and Crawlers. You're however free to post your email address in a bot unfriendly format.

We have a reply schedule for Free Support. Please upgrade to Private Support if you can't wait.
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