How to remove or bypass Blackberry 10 Anti-theft protection

how to bypass anti-theft on Blackberry 10 devices

In this brief guide, I’ll be explaining how to bypass the Anti-theft protection on your Blackberry 10 device in case you never set such or you forgot your login credentials. The Anti-theft protection is a security feature which is meant to help you track, block or wipe your Blackberry 10 device if it gets lost or stolen. To read more about the Blackberry 10 Anti-theft feature, visit

Disclaimer! This guide assumes the device in question is not stolen. You are entirely responsible for whatever you do with this piece of information.

How to bypass or remove Blackberry 10 Anti-Theft Protection

Note: This security hole could get patched anytime.

To bypass / remove Anti-Theft protection on a Blackberry 10 phone:

1. Visit
2. Navigate to OS Autoloaders for Windows > 10.3.1 Autoloaders
3. Select the Dev Alpha Autoloader that matches the phone whose Anti-Theft protection you are trying to remove (if you don’t know how to identify a compatible Dev Autoloader for your device type then see

how to remove blackberry 10 anti-theft protetion

4. Download the appropriate Dev Autoloader from the previous step. Your model number can be found under Settings › About › General
5. Turn off your BlackBerry 10 Dev device
6. Run the downloaded Dev Autoloader file as Administrator (Right-click > Run as Administrator)
7. When you see the prompt “Connecting to Bootrom”, connect your device to your computer and turn it on
8. If you have a password set on your device, type your password when you are prompted
9. The LED light should turn green and loading should begin. Wait till its complete (100%)
10. After your device restarts, complete the set up wizard
11. In the Dev OS, login or register a Blackberry ID (

very important

) in order to associate the device with a Blackberry ID. You can do this by attempting to download any app from Blackberry World; your aim is to login
12. Download the normal Autoloader for the Blackberry 10 device at
13. Load the Autoloader for the device using the guide at
14. Follow the setup Wizard on the phone to start using the device
15. If the above doesn’t work then another approach is to load the 10.3.1 Autoloader for your device model after which you load the Blackberry Q10_10.3.01.2267_SQN100-1-2-3-4-5.exe Autoloader

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