How to make an Android phone’s battery last longer

How to make an Android phone's battery last longer

So you’re rocking your Android phone and just at the peak of it all, you get that familiar beep; 15% of battery remaining. Next thing you know, 4% remaining and then the phone shuts down. Not a pretty experience is it? The Android platform is packed with a lot to enjoy but the battery hardly ever feels enough for many. By popular demand, we’ll be discussing battery problems on Android phones and how to make the battery last longer or stop draining fast.

Do Android phones have the same battery draining issues as Blackberry phones?

No they don’t. Blackberry phones have a powerful OS and Hardware but battery life is one area the Blackberry scores low (see ). The Android platform on -the other hand- is well optimized to reduce power consumption and can be further tweaked to reduce battery consumption. For this reason, most Android phones have a fairly good battery life. Some are however notorious heavy battery consumers.

What could cause an Android phone’s battery not to last long or to drain quickly?

There are quite a number of reasons why an Android phone’s battery might not last long. Some factors that make the Android battery drain fast are:

  • Leaving WIFI / Bluetooth on: Most Android phones I’ve come across have either of these or both accidentally left on.
  • Display set to brightest: Setting the screen brightness to the brightest consumes battery.
  • Poor signal: This is one of the major consumers of battery. If you’re in an area with poor signal, your phone will have to do extra work looking for signal, consuming battery in the process.
  • Long sleep time: Setting the sleep time too long could waste your battery on unneeded back-light.
  • Syncs being too often: if your phone is set to sync too often (email, facebook etc) then you have another battery consumer.
  • Too many unneeded apps running: Its great to enjoy many apps but clogging your Android phone with too many apps is bad for your battery.
  • Poor ventilation: An improperly ventilated phone could result in overheating, reducing your battery’s life span.
  • Screen touch feedback: Setting your phone to vibrate or make sound with each touch eats into your battery life.

What are the symptoms of a faulty or damaged Android battery?

Some helpful indicators of a faulty or damaged Android battery are:

  • Frequent overheating during use or charging.
  • Phone auto restarting or shutting down.
  • Phone showing battery full too quickly.

Could a factory reset fix Android battery issues?

If the battery problem is as a result of a user’s settings then it might be resolved; although, this is a extreme measure (see ).

What does it mean to re-calibrate a battery?

Re-calibrating a battery is simply resetting it to make it charge and discharge optimally. With use, a battery tends to charge and discharge less efficiently. Re-calibration clears those clogs for efficient charging / discharging.

Why does my Android phone’s battery get hot during use or charging?

It is quite normal for your battery to feel warm during charging or usage; however, when it gets warmer than usual, then it means your phone is either performing a heavy task, your battery is full but still plugged in, your charger is bad or your battery might pack-up soon.

Why does my battery jump from 10 to 50 % during charging?

This is nothing to worry about. Allowing the battery to drain (and shutdown) then charging it full without turning it on usually fixes this issue. You could also re-calibrate your Android phone’s battery

I bought a new battery; yet, it still drains fast. is my phone faulty?

You either have one of those heavy battery using Android phones or you still haven’t got your battery optimization right.

How do I make my Android phone’s battery last longer or stop draining fast?

  • Ensure to turn off WIFI and Bluetooth when not in use.
  • Install a home screen widget (Go widget) which can allow you to easily dim or increase screen brightness as needed.
  • If you’re in an area with very poor or no signal, then switch to Airplane mode to save your battery. You can remove Airplane mode at intervals.
  • Set sleep time to no more than 1 minute idle
  • Set your phone to not sync too often
  • Re-calibrate your battery by wiping battery stats under Advanced in clockworkmod recovery and then following this guide on how to re-calibrate a battery .
  • Uninstall unneeded apps: Disable or uninstall unneeded apps which are running in the background.
  • Use Greenify and either Battery doctor or Du battery manager to manage apps running in the background and your battery.
  • Reduce the number of widgets you use.
  • Ensure proper ventilation of your phone by placing it in a fairly loose pocket or a place where air will be readily available for cooling.
  • Disable screen touch feedback like sound or vibration on screen touch.

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