How to fix the “You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from S-1-5-*****” error on a Windows PC

You need permission to perform this action

Earlier today, I thought to decongest my Hard Disk by deleting some files. To my surprise, I kept getting a “You need permission to perform this action. You require permission from S-1-5-21-188****” error while trying to delete certain heavy folders. I was able to resolve this issue rather effortlessly and wish to share what I did with you just incase you find yourself in the same situation.

  How do I fix the “You need permission to perform this action” error?

What you’re going to do is simply change the ownership of the folder(s) in question. To do this:

Right-click the folder you wish to delete and select Properties

folder properties Windows

Click the Security tab

Windows folder security settings management

Click AdvancedWindows advanced security menu

Click Change (at the top)

changing files ownership in windows

Click Advanced

change file ownership windows advanced settings

Click Find Now

Windows file ownership change find now

Select the user account you’re currently logged into from the list (ensure its has Administrative privileges) and click OK

change file ownership windows user account administrator

Click OK

user folder permission change windows 10

Tick both Replace owner on subcontainers and objects (at the top) and Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object (at the bottom) and click OK

easily change folder permission in Windows

Wait while permission switching takes effect. Click OK if prompted to confirm

switching folder permission windows 8, 7,10

Click OK to close the File properties window

Close file properties Window

You may now go back and retry deleting the folder

Deleting folder asking for permission

Hovatek….just a button away!