How to fix SMS inbox timeout on a ZTE MiFi

Leaving your ZTE MiFi’s inbox unpruned can lead to reaching your inbox threshold. This causes a timeout error when attempting to view your messages from the dashboard. The problem then becomes that you can’t even access your inbox let alone free up space by deleting some messages.

Will resetting the MiFi work?

From my experience with this issue, resetting the MiFi (using the reset button or pin hole) doesn’t clear the full inbox. You need to use an app called ZTE Link.

To fix the SMS inbox timeout on your ZTE MiFi

  • Install ZTE link from Google Play, Apple Store or APK Pure
  • Connect to your MiFi via WLAN / Wi-Fi / Wireless
  • Launch the app and grant it requested permissions
  • On the ZTE Link home screen, tap the menu icon at the top-left corner
  • Tap Login
  • Input your MiFi dashboard’s password
  • Once logged in, tap the message icon at the top-right corner
  • Tap the trash icon
  • Select all or the messages you wish to delete
  • Tap the trash icon again to delete the selected messages

You should once again be able to access your SMSs from the MiFi’s dashboard

Note: The iOS version of this app might be buggy so use the Android version if you have trouble deleting the SMSs.