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Why is DS4 Not Working in Windows 10?
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Post: 1 by promptresolve

DS4 Windows is an application that turns your Sony Dual Shock 4 (DS4) Controller into an Xbox Controller, allowing you to play PC games on your Windows PC. However, many customers are reporting that DS4Windows is no longer working due to the latest Windows 10 upgrade. DS4 windows not working Windows 10 issues can be caused by a variety of circumstances, which will help resolve the problem. A variety of factors can cause this problem.
Windows 10 update: Recent Windows versions have limited the use of DS4 controllers.
There are some issues with device drivers: Driver problems with the DS4 can cause the device to fail to identify the controller.
DS4 Windows disables controller: DS4 If the operating system has deactivated a controller, Windows will not be able to recognize it.

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