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[Tutorial] How to Download/Upload Using MEGAsync Desktop Software

[Tutorial] How to Download/Upload Using MEGAsync Desktop Software

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21-12-2017, 05:34 PM

In this guide, you will learn how to download files from mega.nz using MEGAsync Desktop Client/Software. 
We have already dropped a guide on how to download unlimited from mega.nz using IDM. Downloading using browser works fine but downloading a large file is kind of annoying because the file will have to download twice, in the browser once successful then using the browser downloader and once you've mistakenly closed the browser then you'll have to start afresh. This guide covers how to download directly from mega to your pc.


Advantages of downloading with MegaSync over browser

  • It keeps a list of everything you downloaded until it closes, so if you hibernate your computer it'll always stay open and you can see every mega file you have downloaded using Megasync.
  • When you click download with Megasync you can choose wherever you want the file to be downloaded.
  • If you choose to download multiple Mega files, then as soon as the first file finishes downloading, it will automatically start downloading the next one until your files finish.
  • Ability to Pause/Resume Download
  • Fast Download


MEGAsync Desktop Client/Software

Steps to SetUp MEGAsync desktop application

Follow the below steps to setup megasync desktop application

  1. After you've successfully installed MEGAsync check RUN MEGAsync and click FINISH

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-1.png]

  2. Click LogIn or Signup to Create and Account

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-2.png]

  3. Input E-mail and password that was used to setup the account, then Click NEXT

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-3.png]

  4. I have skipped this step, its your choice to choose the Install type

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-4.png]

  5. After you've successfully logged in, you can see MEGAsync icon on your taskbar

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-5.png]

  6. Click Open Transfer Manager

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...nc-5-1.png]

Steps to Download / Upload using MEGAsync

Follow the below steps to download/upload using megasync

  1. In your browser check "Download using MEGAsync desktop app for faster downloads"

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-6.png]

  2. Click Download

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-7.png]

  3. Click OK to start Downloading (A Default Download Folder will be created in C:\User\Documents\MEGAsync Download).

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-8.png]

  4. Open MEGAsync and Click "Active Downloads" to see ongoing download/upload progress

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...sync-9.png]

  5. Click Completed Tab to see downloaded files list

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-10.png]

Steps to Upload using MEGAsync

  1. Open MEGAsync and click Upload Tab

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-11.png]

  2. Click Add

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-12.png]

  3. In drop down menu click UPLOADS

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-13.png]

  4. Locate the files you want to upload from the window and Click OPEN

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-14.png]

  5. Click OK

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-15.png]

  6. You can view the upload progress under Upload TAB

    [Image: how-to-download-from-mega-and-upload-wit...ync-16.png]

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