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OPPO A16 MTKClient error

OPPO A16 MTKClient error

16-06-2024, 04:35 AM

Size: 45.81 KB / Downloads: 2

it shows:

.Port - Device detected Smile
Preloader -    CPU:                    MT6765(Helio P35/G35)
Preloader -    HW version:            0x0
Preloader -    WDT:                    0x10007000
Preloader -    Uart:                  0x11002000
Preloader -    Brom payload addr:      0x100a00
Preloader -    DA payload addr:        0x201000
Preloader -    CQ_DMA addr:            0x10212000
Preloader -    Var1:                  0x25
Preloader - Disabling Watchdog...
Preloader - HW code:                    0x766
Preloader - Target config:              0xe5
Preloader -    SBC enabled:            True
Preloader -    SLA enabled:            False
Preloader -    DAA enabled:            True
Preloader -    SWJTAG enabled:        True
Preloader -    EPP_PARAM at 0x600 after EMMC_BOOT/SDMMC_BOOT:  False
Preloader -    Root cert required:    False
Preloader -    Mem read auth:          True
Preloader -    Mem write auth:        True
Preloader -    Cmd 0xC8 blocked:      True
Preloader - Get Target info
Preloader - BROM mode detected.
Preloader -    HW subcode:            0x8a00
Preloader -    HW Ver:                0xca00
Preloader -    SW Ver:                0x0
Preloader - ME_ID:                      C2A89E015995A0F0CEE194975CA47C0F
Preloader - SOC_ID:                    425F66DAE916DBAC38173F85085059B8E2E20187195B3E03F9BCB5DEDE9E4BE5
PLTools - Loading payload from mt6765_payload.bin, 0x264 bytes
PLTools - Kamakiri / DA Run
Kamakiri - Trying kamakiri2..
Kamakiri - Done sending payload...
PLTools - Successfully sent payload: C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\payloads\mt6765_payload.bin
Port - Device detected Smile
Main - Device is protected.
Main - Device is in BROM mode. Trying to dump preloader.
DAXFlash - Uploading stage 1 from MTK_AllInOne_DA_5.2136.bin
DAXFlash - Successfully uploaded stage 1, jumping ..
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000: ok.
DAXFlash - Successfully received DA sync
DAXFlash - DRAM config needed for : 13014e47314a3952
DAXFlash - No preloader given. Searching for preloader
DAXFlash - Sending emi data ...
DAXFlash - Detected working preloader: C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Loader\Preloader\0766_preloader_k65v1_64_bsp_titan_rat_DD91307C1E.bin
DAXFlash - Uploading stage 2...
DAXFlash - Successfully uploaded stage 2
DAXFlash - EMMC FWVer:      0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC ID:        G1J9R8
DAXFlash - EMMC CID:        13014e47314a395238101b97e56d2929
DAXFlash - EMMC Boot1 Size: 0x400000
DAXFlash - EMMC Boot2 Size: 0x400000
DAXFlash - EMMC GP1 Size:  0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP2 Size:  0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP3 Size:  0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC GP4 Size:  0x0
DAXFlash - EMMC RPMB Size:  0x1000000
DAXFlash - EMMC USER Size:  0xe8f800000
DAXFlash - DA-CODE      : 0x666D0
DAXFlash - DA Extensions successfully added
DAXFlash - [LIB]: ←[31mError on sending parameter: Exceed available range (0xc004000b)←[0m
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtk", line 1842, in <module>
    mtk = Main(args).run()
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtk", line 1168, in run
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\mtk_daloader.py", line 173, in seccfg
    return self.xft.seccfg(lockflag)
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\xflash_ext.py", line 465, in seccfg
    data, guid_gpt = self.xflash.partition.get_gpt(0, 0, 0, "user")
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\partition.py", line 42, in get_gpt
    data = self.readflash(addr=0, length=sectors * self.config.pagesize, filename="",
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\mtk_daxflash.py", line 786, in readflash
    if self.cmd_read_data(addr=addr, size=length, storage=storage, parttype=parttype):
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\mtk_daxflash.py", line 773, in cmd_read_data
    status = self.status()
  File "C:\Users\Miggz\Desktop\mtkclient-1.52\mtkclient\Library\mtk_daxflash.py", line 211, in status
    magic, datatype, length = unpack("<III", hdr)
struct.error: unpack requires a buffer of 12 bytes


pls help. I need to unlock this phone because it is stuck in "download not completed".
17-06-2024, 07:10 PM
(16-06-2024, 04:35 AM)hookmaster35 pls help. I need to unlock this phone because it is stuck in "download not completed".

Try adding the --preloader flag .
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