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Firestick 3rd gen

Post: 1 by steveceltis

Hi, is there a way to flash firestick 3rd gen (MT8695)? 
Thanks in advance

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Post: 2 by AutoResponder

Thank you for reaching out for support. Due to high demand, our free support services may experience some delays in response time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Alternatively, we offer private support where you can receive dedicated attention and prompt support. These sessions are designed to provide personalized solutions to your specific needs.
If you are interested in scheduling a private session, please visit
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Post: 3 by maxpayne

(06-10-2023, 07:14 AM)steveceltis Wrote:  Hi, is there a way to flash firestick 3rd gen (MT8695)? 
Thanks in advance

Please provide more information e.g model and why you want to flash
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Post: 4 by steveceltis

I tried using SPFT but I don't have the scatter file. So I tried to create one but when I go to connect the Firestick it gives me DA error. I can't find a DA file suitable
I also tried with bypass_utility but the result is device download agent authorization: False
I would like to do a dump first and then flash an older version

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Post: 5 by steveceltis

This is the information (see attachment)

Attached Files
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Post: 6 by maxpayne

(06-10-2023, 04:12 PM)steveceltis Wrote:  This is the information (see attachment)

Attach screenshot of the SP flash tool error
You can also try WWR

Or MTK client
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Post: 7 by steveceltis

SPFT's error is this

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.jpg error_SPFT.jpg Size: 16.16 KB  Downloads: 2
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Post: 8 by steveceltis

After starting to create the scatter file with WwR I get this error when I go to connect the Firestick.
Obviously it doesn't have any buttons I can press....

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.jpg SPFT screenshot 1.jpg Size: 120.28 KB  Downloads: 1
.jpg SPFT screenshot 2.jpg Size: 88.76 KB  Downloads: 1
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Post: 9 by steveceltis

And with MTK client it gives me this back (I deleted the file MTK_AllInOne_DA_5.1824.bin)

.jpg error MTK client.jpg Size: 115.46 KB  Downloads: 3
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Post: 10 by steveceltis

I tried with MTK Bypass utility but it gives this error
.jpg MTK Bypass_error.jpg Size: 398.82 KB  Downloads: 3
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