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Qin F22Pro hardbrick

Post: 1 by a9381

The device had an stock ROM version 1.1.2.
And I couldn't open the bootloader - the device didn't respond to pressing the up volume.
A little search in the web showed me that indeed from version 1.1.0 there is a problem with the bootloader (Qin blocked the option to open).

So I tried to downgrade the firmware  to 1.0.7 according to this guide to 1.0.7
I did format all+download even though the device was not hard bricked.
(It shouldn't change if I burn all the rom)
That's it, the device is hard bricked now...

in SP, i got this eror
in MtkClinet, i got this eror
.Port - Device detected :)
Preloader -     CPU:                    MT6768/MT6769(Helio P65/G85 k68v1)
Preloader -     HW version:             0x0
Preloader -     WDT:                    0x10007000
Preloader -     Uart:                   0x11002000
Preloader -     Brom payload addr:      0x100a00
Preloader -     DA payload addr:        0x201000
Preloader -     CQ_DMA addr:            0x10212000
Preloader -     Var1:                   0x25
Preloader - Disabling Watchdog...
Preloader - HW code:                    0x707
Preloader - Target config:              0xe0
Preloader -     SBC enabled:            False
Preloader -     SLA enabled:            False
Preloader -     DAA enabled:            False
Preloader -     SWJTAG enabled:         False
Preloader -     EPP_PARAM at 0x600 after EMMC_BOOT/SDMMC_BOOT:  False
Preloader -     Root cert required:     False
Preloader -     Mem read auth:          True
Preloader -     Mem write auth:         True
Preloader -     Cmd 0xC8 blocked:       True
Preloader - Get Target info
Preloader - BROM mode detected.
Preloader -     HW subcode:             0x8a00
Preloader -     HW Ver:                 0xca00
Preloader -     SW Ver:                 0x0
Preloader - ME_ID:                      E83BBAA6EA1135A3845364E2569B7924
Preloader - SOC_ID:                     87193F1F0903A6E1DD5C0872147BEF080F06528508B31E3AA8E7D0EFCB043CB0
DA_handler - Device is unprotected.
DA_handler - Device is in BROM-Mode. Bypassing security.
PLTools - Loading payload from mt6768_payload.bin, 0x264 bytes
PLTools - Kamakiri / DA Run
Kamakiri - Trying kamakiri2..
Kamakiri - Done sending payload...
PLTools - Successfully sent payload: C:\Users\Ashi\mtkclient\mtkclient\payloads\mt6768_payload.bin
Port - Device detected :)
DA_handler - [LIB]: Device is in BROM mode. No preloader given, trying to dump preloader from ram.
DAXFlash - Uploading xflash stage 1 from MTK_AllInOne_DA_5.2136.bin
xflashext - Patching da1 ...
Mtk - Patched "Patched loader msg" in preloader
Mtk - Patched "hash_check" in preloader
xflashext - [LIB]: Error on patching da1 version check...
Mtk - Patched "Patched loader msg" in preloader
Mtk - Patched "get_vfy_policy" in preloader
xflashext - Patching da2 ...
DAXFlash - Successfully uploaded stage 1, jumping ..
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000
Preloader - Jumping to 0x200000: ok.
DAXFlash - Successfully received DA sync
DAXFlash - DRAM config needed for : 150100444836444d
DAXFlash - Sending emi data ...
DeviceClass - USBError(5, 'Input/Output Error')
DAXFlash - [LIB]: Error on sending emi: unpack requires a buffer of 12 bytes

any ideas?

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Post: 2 by AutoResponder

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Post: 3 by maxpayne

(12-09-2023, 08:29 PM)a9381 Wrote:  ..

any ideas?

Try these:
py -3 mtk_gui

Check if GUI opens and phone is detected

py -3 mtk payload

Then flash with SP flash tool
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