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How to root umidigi bison x10g NFC (unisoc T310)

How to root umidigi bison x10g NFC (unisoc T310)

21-12-2022, 09:49 PM

Download the file from here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WQkFZWd...sp=sharing
First use the modified fastboot and follow this link https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-32287.html to unlock your phone. If you get two token like this,
theKing@theKing-PC:~/Documents/modified_fastboot$ ./fastboot oem get_identifier_token2...
(bootloader) Identifier token:

(bootloader) 4253474e343634303559323034303730

(bootloader) 31383533

OKAY [ 0.016s]
finished. total time: 0.016s

Add the second to the first one to get the identifier token and use it. (example: 4253474e34363430355932303430373031383533 )

Now reboot to recovery by::
first press and hold the power button and immediately hold the volume down button too until you see the boot logo.
After that release the power button while holding the volume down button until you see the android robot logo before releasing the volume down button too.
Now press and hold the power button and press the volume up button once to enter the recovery.
On the recovery, select reboot to bootloader to do the unlocking.
Please before flashing the images, download the firmware from this link https://community.umidigi.com/forum.php?...tra=page=1 and also download the latest SPD research tool. So that you can recover in case of boot loops after flashing the images.
After unlocking the bootloader, first flash vbmeta_custom.img followed by the boot_magisk.img.
If you get remote write error when flashing the images, reboot back to recovery and select enter fastboot (ie. fastbootd) and flash the images.
After flashing the images successfully, reboot the device.
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