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[Tutorial] How to use iTunes & IPSW to update or restore iPhone or iPad

[Tutorial] How to use iTunes & IPSW to update or restore iPhone or iPad

22-12-2022, 07:31 AM

This guide will explain how to use an ipsw file and iTunes to either update or restore an iPhone or iPad's software.


Steps to update or restore an iPhone or iPad using iTunes and ipsw file

Follow the steps below to restore or update iOS to the latest version with iTunes and ipsw firmware file

See the video tutorial below or @ https://youtu.be/DvC3xWE0SVM

  1. Launch iTunes

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-1.webp]

  2. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC via cable and wait for it to complete syncing

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-2.webp]

  3. Click the phone icon

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-3.webp]

  4. Hold the Shift key (for Windows) or Option key (for Mac) then click Update (if you wish to update) or Restore (if you wish to flash and wipe the phone)

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-4.webp]

  5. Select the ipsw file in the window that pops up

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-5.webp]

  6. Wait while iTunes extracts, checks, and flashes the ipsw

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-6.webp]

  7. You should get a prompt once the update is completed

    [Image: How-to-use-iTunes-IPSW-to-update-or-rest...Pad-7.webp]

Important Notice
  • Ensure to leave your device connected till the update is completed. Interruption could crash the OS
  • Ensure to have enough free storage space on your PC (say 20GB)

Video Transcript
Quote:In this video tutorial, I'll be explaining how to update or restore an iPhone or iPad using the ipsw which is the software file, and iTunes. Now, I'd already created a guide on how to do that with iTunes itself with your internet connection but this assumes you have maybe not much data at the moment and you need to get that done. The first thing you need to do is you have to download the ipsw, I'll link to a guide on how to find that. You also have to set up iTunes, I'll link to that also. Now once you have these in place, you connect your iPhone or iPad while it is powered on and you wait for iTunes to sync. If you get any prompt on your device, make sure you grant. So now once iTunes.. iTunes is supposed to sync.. yes. Now you can see I have an update.

I could choose to install this over the internet but I want to do that with the ipsw file so I'll just close this. You wait for iTunes to finish syncing with your device. Alright, so once this is done, you come to this top-left corner, and you click on the phone icon. This will give you your phone information area. If you intend to update, you'll just be working with the update button and if you want to just restore, that is reflashing, maybe the same software to your device then you'll be going with the restore option but you can't downgrade unless your timing is perfect. Mostly you cannot downgrade. I want to update, what I'll be working with is the update button.

To begin this, you hold down your shift key. For Mac, that would be your options key and then you click on Update. In this prompt, you select the ipsw file which you intend to flash, this is mine and then you click on Open, and then you have this prompt. Just click on update and then you just wait while iTunes does its thing. Do not disconnect the phone or interrupt the process. I should also mention that it's important you have enough storage space on your PC because it's going to extract the file of course. So what happened in my case is that you need to be connected to the internet at least so that iTunes can sync with the apple servers.

I didn't connect to the internet, that's why I had that error I got. Now it's updating and I'm in DFU at the moment. Alright, so it says I've been updated and now it is rebooting and you can confirm. So that's how to update or restore an iPhone or iPad using the ipsw file and iTunes
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