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[Development] Experiments with Cubot KingKong Mini 3

[Development] Experiments with Cubot KingKong Mini 3

19-11-2022, 05:05 PM

Got it on Cubot KingKong Mini 3 on release and I'm trying to get GSIs or microG rolling, the device is nice yet very weird.
The chipset is Helio G85 MT6769V/CZ and comes with android 12.0 using a dynamic partition (super) containing system.img, product.img and vendor.img.

OEM Unlock works with enabling the setting on Developer Settings and running fastboot flashing unlock.

A stock update was released on OEM website (https://cubot.net/platform/Support/detai...id/86.html) yet there are some weird details:
  • The scatter file is named MT6768(???)
  • It's upgrade only so the imgs by themselves, like trying to flash boot.img from the file doesnt work. In order to get things working I flashed the stock update and did readback the partitions, specifically vbmeta.img, boot.img, super.img, recovery.img
  • I did some experiments with vbmeta as follows:
    • No modifications vbmeta.img boots stock (even magisk-patched boot.img)
    • --disable-verification will not boot stock or modifications
    • --disable-verity will actually boot stock and magisk-patch boot.img
  • Trying to flash gsi by:

    fastboot reboot fastboot #enter in fastbootd
    fastboot erase system
    fastboot delete-logical-partition product # free space for system flashing
    fastboot flash system system.img # system.img are the gsi of my choosing
    fastboot reboot recovery # then I factory reset and reboot
    This results in either:
    • If using vbmeta unmodified: stuck with Cubot logo with dm-verity error overlay if using unmodified vbmeta, once dm-verity is triggered (red state). Only returning by reflashing with spflashtool.
    • If using vbmeta flashed with the --disable-verity arg: stuck with Cubot logo with orange state error overlay, doesn't bootloop but never boots either.

And so I'm opening this thread in hopes to get help and get GSI runing and learn more about android. I've seem that some mtk devices need extra steps in order to flash GSIs. GSIs I tryed: PHH's treble, Andy's LineageOS 19.0, LineageOS 19.1 and LeOS 19.1 and 20.0.

PS. The stock archive is on mega and is quite big. I may upload it on other website if asked and upload the readback partitions I'm working with.
23-11-2022, 09:02 AM
U can only flash android version higher than the one I are using.
Also make sure u download the 4kb empty vbmeta and flash it before and after the gsi.
And make sure you download the actual one made for your architecture
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