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[Tutorial] How to update an iPhone or iPad's software using iTunes

[Tutorial] How to update an iPhone or iPad's software using iTunes

16-11-2022, 10:27 AM

This guide will explain how to update an iPhone or iPad's software to the latest available version of iOS using iTunes on a Windows PC.


Steps to update iPhone or iPad software using iTunes

  1. Launch iTunes
  2. Connect the iPhone or iPad to the PC (remove from lock state)
  3. Wait while iTunes syncs
  4. You'll get a prompt if there's a software update for your device. Click Download and Update
  5. You can also click on Help > Check for Updates (this will check for both iTunes and device software updates)
  6. You'll get a prompt, click Next > Agree
  7. A download icon should soon appear beside the search bar; you can monitor download progress there
  8. Once downloaded, iTunes should begin extracting the downloaded update
  9. The device should get rebooted into DFU (white screen with loading bar)
  10. You can click on the device icon to monitor the progress / view your device information
  11. Wait till the process is completed
  12. Once done, you should get a prompt on iTunes; "Your iPhone (iPad) has been updated and is restarting. Please leave your iPhone (iPad) connected. It will appear in the iTunes window after it restarts"
  13. You can confirm your new iOS version under iTunes or on the device under Settings > General

Important Notice
  • Ensure to leave your device connected till update is completed. Interruption could crash the OS
  • Ensure to have enough free storage space on your PC (say 20GB)
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