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I have phone umidigi a11 mt6765 .please help me!

Post: 1 by Ouaheb

C:\mtk>python mtk dumpbrom

Preloader - Status: Waiting for PreLoader VCOM, please connect mobile
Port - Device detected Smile
Preloader - CPU: MT6765(Helio P35/G35)
Preloader - HW version: 0x0
Preloader - WDT: 0x10007000
Preloader - Uart: 0x11002000
Preloader - Brom payload addr: 0x100a00
Preloader - DA payload addr: 0x201000
Preloader - CQ_DMA addr: 0x10212000
Preloader - Var1: 0x25
Preloader - HW subcode: 0x8a00
Preloader - HW Ver: 0xca00
Preloader - SW Ver: 0x0
Preloader - Disabling Watchdog...
Preloader - HW code: 0x766
Preloader - Target config: 0x0
Preloader - SBC enabled: False
Preloader - SLA enabled: False
Preloader - DAA enabled: False
Preloader - SWJTAG enabled: False
Preloader - EPP_PARAM at 0x600 after EMMC_BOOT/SDMMC_BOOT: False
Preloader - Root cert required: False
Preloader - Mem read auth: False
Preloader - Mem write auth: False
Preloader - Cmd 0xC8 blocked: False
Preloader - ME_ID: 2EBC8CE8CCD0C70ED7D69D6E1E05CB9D
Preloader - SOC_ID: B7AE39FE0AE3AEE6675EB137AB1A86B0D5B16133AEEB44D1025271F6EDAFE8E4
PLTools - Kamakiri2
PLTools - Loading payload from C:\mtk\mtkclient\payloads\generic_dump_payload.bin, 0xe4 bytes
PLTools - Kamakiri / DA Run
Kamakiri - Trying kamakiri2..
Kamakiri - Done sending payload...
PLTools - Error, payload answered instead:
PLTools - [LIB]: ←[31mError on sending payload: brom_MT6765_766.bin←[0m
PLTools - [LIB]: ←[31mError on dumping Bootrom.←[0m

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Post: 2 by maxpayne

(08-07-2022, 11:24 PM)Ouaheb Wrote:  C:\mtk>python mtk dumpbrom

Try the GUI version
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