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[Tutorial] How to fix consistent USB debugging prompts

[Tutorial] How to fix consistent USB debugging prompts

17-03-2020, 12:08 AM

This is a step by step guide showing how to fix consistent USB debugging prompts. This guide will come handy if for some reasons you keep getting the "allow USB debugging" prompts even if you ticked the checkbox to "always allow from this computer".

[Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-1.jpg]


Steps on how to fix consistent USB debugging prompts

Follow the steps below to fix consistent USB debugging prompts

  1. Launch an adb window and type the command below (this will copy the file adb_keys from your phone to your desktop)

    adb pull /data/misc/adb/adb_keys %userprofile%\desktop

    [Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-2.jpg]

  2. If successful, you'll see a success message in adb window and you should find an adb_keys file on your desktop
  3. On your PC, navigate to the folder location below to find adbkey.pub
    • On windows, the file adbkey.pub can found at the location %userprofile%\.android\
    • On linux, the file adbkey.pub can be found at the location ~/.android/

    [Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-3.jpg]

  4. Open both the adb_keys and the adbkey.pub files using any text editor

    [Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-4.jpg]

  5. Copy out the entire contents from adbkey.pub file (shortcut keys Ctrl A then Ctrl C)

    [Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-5.jpg]

  6. Paste the contents into a new line within the adb_keys files then save

    [Image: how-to-fix-consistent-USB-debugging-prompts-6.jpg]

  7. Copy the adb_keys files from your desktop back into your phone's /data/misc/adb/ folder
    • On a rooted phone, simply run the commands below

      adb push adb_keys /sdcard
      adb shell
      cp /sdcard/adb_keys /data/misc/adb/adb_keys

    • If you have a custom recovery e.g TWRP recovery and prefer to use it, then copy the file to your internal storage using MTP then reboot to TWRP > Advanced > File manager to copy the adb_keys file from internal storage to /data/misc/adb/ folder

  8. Reconnect the device severally and enter the command "adb devices" to confirm if you still get the "Allow USB debugging prompts" or not

Important Notice
  • If your phone is rooted, then you can simply copy the adb_keys files using a root file manager instead of using the adb pull command
  • File managers with root access such as Xplore will allow you modify the file directly on your phone without the need to copy the file out
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