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Hi Hovatek, what does this statement mean? Reverse engineering a smartphone phone firmware. And how can I do it. I have miracle box, Loader version.
I don't have my email address. Isn't there another method?
Oppo A1K forgot password, have tried hard resetting it but all in vain because it needs the initial password so as to let me access the Hard reset options. Help me, I'm locked out of accessing my pho...
Tecno W3. when i enter password with four characters it shows a prompt that DECRYPTION UNSUCCESSFUL, the password you entered is correct but unfortunately your data is corrupt to resume using your ph...
:@ Tecno Y2 dead after flashing with its copied firmware. Advise me unbrick it.
Oppo A1K password forgot, have tried hard resetting the device to bypass the password. Help know which software can format Oppo Phone.
I have Tecno w3 model with the same issue, wipe data didn't get the device problem solved. What else can I do? please give me a way forward, am offline for a week now.
. Tecno W3 restarts and asks for Android Password. what is the Android password.
:s I have miracle box in my PC, i need MTK drivers and how to install them.