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hi there i have here one mine p20 lite with broken screen and the screen comed from aliexpress and when i try to power it on i see recovery and error that packages cannot be downloaded. this is not ba...
would you convert it for me if i give you link for the kdz file ?
i really cant understand all the actions in the video. When i try to execute lg flash tool i see https://ibb.co/j35mBBF
hi there. I want to reinstall OS of D722 but on https://lg-firmwares.com/lg-d722-firmwares/ don`t see firmware for country Bulgaria. And if can tell me few words about the installation proces...
Have tried before minutes these 3 files without success ...
i have used now one tool and am at youtube site successfuly thanks
the question is just principal - when i have locked device with Android 10(samsung) can i find combination file
thanks in advance emoticons don`t work in IE :)
ok. let`s say it easier - octoplus frp dongle don`t support a405fn and j600fn. i want offers for them. Want to connect my phone to pc and someone to remove frp remotely for me.
i usually like to use the newest software so didn`t try with older versions. maybe the log folder is the must
octoplus frp has no option to remove frp and i see combination files only for Android 8. thanks in advance
i am using new windows 10 and am seeing the following : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17UJGqfa9YcNZEVJHnzSrhSibTRyJCu-I/view?usp=sharing thanks :)
i short the needed points and connect usb cable and see that but i think octoplus frp wont work with that way recognised device thanks i put new one charging board
when i click reboot into bootloader i see entering into fastboot mode. what the.. ? is the phone fake ?
i tried the other 2 files but the odin quits unexpected. when i write support on site they told me i should use token. i really dont know what it is. of course i can check google. what method do you r...