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La dernière fois, j'essayais de formater + télécharger mon tecno spk4 à l'aide de SPFTool. Par accident, j'ai eu une panne de courant. Tout est parti. Le téléphone était totalement mort. Lorsqu'il est...
Last time, I was trying to format+download my tecno spk4 using SPFTool. Accidentally I had a power outage. Everything went off. The phone was totally dead. When plugged into the pc via USB cord, it re...
Disconnect the battery then retry flashing it. Make sure you are using the right DA
Hello my brothers. I'm grateful to bring here my testimonies, my satisfactions and my gratitudes. Last Month I've got my INFINIX_HOT_7_X624B bricked. In effect, I was trying to flash it while the proc...
Thank you for your reply sir. I have disassembled the battery and tried reconnecting a new battery but the device would not boot up. I think that I must do as you recommended by firstly disconnecting ...
Hello dear friends. I'm not a good writer but let me try to expose my problems... I'm a novice in flashing smart phones, last Friday I was having some network bugs so after following some tutorials o...
Please help me with infinix hot 7 x624b AUT file