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Recently, I installed the Vanced (https://vancedtube.com) root app on my Xiaomi Mi 9 Android 10 smartphone. The app keeps crashing when launched and crashing and replaced by stock YouTube when rebooti...
As I know, there is Samsung Odin for all the Samsung Galaxy smartphones to flash the firmware and root them. Likewise, is the official utility software for Noki devices? Recently, I heard about the No...
Thanks for sharing.No need for further clarification. Your simple but clear definition solved all my confusion.
In fact, most android smartphones below Android Lollipop can be rooted using one-click rooting tools.
In my opinion. you're doing a dangerous thing. It's not recommended using a swollen battery. gas inside the battery is flammable and also toxic.
I recently got to know this code "*#0*#" when I was searching the internet. If you're Samsung Galaxy user, you can simply run code by dialling it regular dialling screen. I tried it on my Samsung Gala...
Thank you for making me aware. In fact, I haven't even thought about it. Btw, can I clean it myself or do I need to take it to the repair center? Would hairdryer, air compressor too harsh for this pu...
I'm using a Toshiba Satellite laptop and it's about six years old but works fine. There's no other problem with my laptop. But, the left side of the laptop gets extremely hot when I'm using it. Usuall...
I'm very keen on Android boxes but I've some confusion about it. Do Android Tv boxes support all the Tv brands? Does it completely convert our Tv into Android OS? I mean can I play Android games and o...
I tried to root Nokia 3 smartphone using Magisk but it wasn't successful as I couldn't find out the correct TWRP recovery image for the device. Is there another way to use Magisk to root this device...
Flash the correct firmware using the Samsung Odin