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if the phone stuck on Red State . . . :-) find factory signed firmware for your phone :-) disable secure boot (bypass) :-) spflash tool >>> load scatter file and da file :-) just untick file...
if the phone stuck on [NEGATIVE SQUARED LATIN CAPITAL LETTER B]Red State[/B] . . . :-) find factory signed firmware for your phone :-) disable secure boot (bypass) :-) spflash tool >>> load ...
«Sharing my success detail» TECNO F1 PRO stuck on boot logo. . .factory resetting the not fixed the issue. . .i decided to flash phone. . .the phone build number was F1-VP510EFG-GO-ETEC-181016V4 then ...
ok I will try those suggestions.
I don't know my build version but tried to flash one miracle backup rom but I cant flash it. . .the phone never show mediatek preloader port instead it shows up like mediatek usb port only. . .holding...
EMMANUS Wrote: (12-08-2019, 11:17 AM) -- If you can get to a screen seperating machine, use it to heat your device, then plug it in to charge, observe the result. -- I dont have that machine. . .can...
miracle cant read it. . .it start reading like its mt6580 then stay for a while the shows error
tecno k7 dead. . .I left the phone on the floor over the night and on the morning the phone dead not power on not charging. . .connecting to pc shows mediatek usb port. .. .reading info on miracle fai...
charge the battery first. . .then try to power on. . .i take a while to optimise your app. . .if it fail wipe data from recovery
i used SWD_AfterSales with stock firmware before, it work perfectly and its easy. . .ifinix x624 and x624b phones are come with with new chipset and secure boot mt6580 . . .so for flashing these phone...
you can use SWD_AfterSales tool with your build number firmware. . .without a problem. . .
problem connecting to wifi or activation problem? try fast wifi or just restart restart the phone then try again
try with miracle tool or any other box
For those who got their phone stuck on boot loop, zte logo , cant sdcard update , adb sideload error . . . I'm here to share how i did it . . . Device detail ☆ B2017G USA V1.2.0B12 ☆ Qualcomm snap...
try this https://www.imei.info/download-firmware/samsung/samsung-g920f-galaxy-s6/SM-G920F/XEF/?pda=G920FXXU5ERA4
especially try to find your CSC . . .
G920FXXU5ERA4 i think this was your firmware. then the one flashed is not correct. . .your binary is 5 then you should find that firmware
yes i did but its not that much. . .try to find by scrolling down with volume button. . .u can find all details there