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You just need to replace the screen. Test a new screen first before you remove the old one
On some LG models, when you perform a successful network unlock , and upgrade the phone later, the network lock returns. I think you need to perform a network unlock again.
Was the phone locked to a network originally? What was the problem before you flashed the firmware? Have you tried flashing a different firmware?
The phone was not totally powered down when you started the process. I suggest you open the phone and disconnect, then reconnect the battery and try again.
After fixing your baseband, you can use Maui meta tool to write your IMEI
Subway Wrote: (24-03-2022, 05:22 AM) -- Fasttrack Wrote: (11-03-2022, 08:26 PM) -- Bro format+flash your fimware with sp tool , ur baseband will then show baseband version , dont flash any imei file...
Can you post an image of your phone in download mode? We need to check that you're not trying to flash a lower version than what's already in the phone.
Have you tried a factory reset as @hovatek suggested??
From experience, I think this is hardware-related. Maybe, there is moisture on the board. You can clean the board of the phone with isopropyl alcohol (methylated spirit). You may be lucky.
If you have, or are working on a Kyocera E6560 phone, you may find that the software aspect is as tough as it looks physically. It has been a nightmare trying to get the phone to connect in any mode a...
Michael Chungu Wrote: (09-01-2021, 09:16 PM) -- X3non Wrote: (09-01-2021, 08:19 PM) -- Michael Chungu Wrote: (09-01-2021, 10:36 AM) -- Not so long. 6 hours max. But my main problem is the way the p...
Have you fixed this device yet? How does it behave? Read the information of the device using any tool and post the log.
gibshans Wrote: (11-08-2020, 12:51 PM) -- how do i make the keyboard work after all the process -- Was the process successful?
After your backup, you can test the roms found here https://www.htc.com/us/support/rom-downloads.html
try this https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-35701.html
Try the solution @ https://www.hovatek.com/forum/thread-35701.html
If you get Modem assert error on your itel or any other spreadtrum phone, error message looks  like this https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20180125/23c7310ad4205cc26e5f2e2f4cbfb0f5.jpg It most likel...
osuolale95 Wrote: (20-05-2020, 07:08 PM) -- This really works fine for me... -- I'm happy to know that.