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Please help. I the red light on the motherboard normal or not. It stays on even when the computer is off. How do i turn it off. Thank you
I downloaded windows 8 and tried to install but it's requesting to be burned. How do I install it from my flash drive?
I need help please to unlock my Vodafone modem. Its model k4505 made by Huawei.
Bought a phone on the street and everything seemed fine till i try my gmail and google. It keeps saying has stopped and i can not get through it. It is a sony experia L2. Please help me get this worki...
Thank you. I do not like udemy because of their secured information. I need some information i can keep for offline reference.
I need some help here.... want to learn computer hardware repairs and software maintenance from youtube or any site that offer organised content. I would appreciate any links to some organised content...
Thank you all was keyboard registry. Solved
please can anyone help .....need to use it tomorrow at work .
1 was working on windows 8 same version. 2  Asus k52f 3  windows 7
Installed Windows 8 yesterday and just after installtioinhad problem with keyboard and mouse. External mouse works but not not external keyboard. I then reinstall Windows and started working perfectly...


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